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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Begging for Switch Ports is Stupid

It has come to my attention that some game publishers think we should beg for games to be ported to the Switch. By "some game publishers" I mean Bandai Namco. The very notion that gamers should have to port beg for Switch titles is absurd.

Bandai Namco encouraging gamers to plead to on social media for Project CARS 2 to receive a Switch port is downright laughable, especially after the crap they pulled with the original Project CARS on the Wii U. For those that are unaware, the first Project CARS was going to be on the Wii U and owners of that platform even threw money towards the game to make it happen on Nintendo's previous home console. When all was said and done, Bandai Namco cancelled the game, saying it was too much for the Wii U to handle. Bandai Namco also said that Project CARS 2 would not be on the Switch. This was before the system came out and started making a killing.

Now all of a sudden Bandai Namco wants us to do some free advertising for Project CARS 2. If we bombard the developers of the game, maybe the publisher will consider releasing it for the Switch. No, you are not reading that wrong. The publisher, as in the ones that can easily release the dang game on the Switch, want us, US to hound Slightly Mad Studios for a Switch Port of Project CARS 2. 

This whole situation reminds me of Dragon Ball Fighter Z. I cannot wait to play this game and it can run on the Switch no problem. The only thing stopping it from coming to the Switch is Bandai Namco. If Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 does well on the Switch, they might consider bringing DBFZ to Nintendo's console/handheld hybrid. Yes, even after the Switch has sold like crazy, we've still got publishers testing the waters. 

The Wii U could have used a good racing sim, but this this is the Switch we're talking about, a system that mind you, hasn't even finished out it's first year, is hardly starved for games. Between the physical releases and the stuff on the eShop as of this writing, there's a plethora of titles to choose from on the Switch. Switch owners aren't gonna die if Project CARS 2 never sees the light of day on the console.

Bethesda is bringing Wolfenstein and Doom, freaking Doom to the Switch. They see that the Switch is a money maker and they want some of that dough. The best part about those games coming to the Switch, aside from it making other third parties look inept, is that gamers didn't have to beg for them. That Switch money talks and Bethesda clearly likes the language it speaks. I'm not sure what Bandai Namco is on but I'm not begging for a Project CARS 2 port and you shouldn't either. 

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