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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Super Sonic Fusion (Act 1)

When I was checking VGMdb for upcoming and new releases last week, I saw there was an entry for Super Sonic Fusion (Act 1). This mini album only consists of 3 tracks arranged by one of my favorite remixers, Joshua Morse. Joshua loves jazz and fusing different genres so his music is always a treat for me. The three Sonic tunes arranged here are Green Hill Zone, Mystic Cave Zone, and Sky Chase Zone. 

Super Sonic Fusion (Act 1) is a name your price download so you can get it for free or throw some money to an outstanding composer/arranger. With Act 1 being in the title, I do hope more follows from more classic and modern Sonic games. At a mere three tracks this is short but very, very sweet. I know I'll be listening to these while I'm reading or punching keys. 

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