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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mega Man on the Piano

I was looking through the numerous Final Fantasy Piano Collection albums (Square Enix seems to be quite fond of these. Can't blame 'em, really.) and was thinking how sweet it would be to get some Mega Man themes done on the old 88 keys instrument. Now I know some people may think that Mega Man songs aren't made for the piano. But I've seen Final Fantasy tracks get turned into some awesome trance arrangements. Heck, Final Fantasy VI's The Decisive Battle was turned into an incredible heavy metal rock tune. So I just don't buy the notion that Mega Man music can't be done on the piano properly.

There are already some selections on YouTube for Mega Man music, but I'd prefer something that isn't all Mega Man 2. I'm also talking about an actual album. I'd take something from Capcom or a fan release, I don't care. I just want some Mega Man music on the piano.


Tommy said...

That would be great! I've picked up some of those fan-made piano themes from vgmuisc in the past.

Ross said...

Though an album hasn’t happened yet, your first port-of-call should definitely be McVaffe’s 2000 piano piece Cutman Sonata.