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Friday, August 30, 2013

The Nintendo 2DS: WHY?!

I would have had my say on this two days ago, but a coffee spill on my laptop forced me to go out and grab a new keyboard. So whether the iron is still hot or not, I intend to strike anyway.

With Nintendo's history of upgrade their handhelds, I knew there would be more than one version of the 3DS before the system even dropped. Sure enough, the first 3DS model was followed up by the 3DS XL, a unit that offered a larger screen, slightly longer battery life but not quite as sharp resolution as the standard 3DS. And yet, I knew that wouldn't be the end of the 3DS upgrades. Nintendo just can't help themselves. But much to my and every one else's surprise, the newest edition to 3DS systems isn't an upgrade, but a downgrade, the Nintendo 2DS. No, that 2 isn't a typo. Nintendo really is releasing a 2DS, a 3DS that plays 3DS and DS games but lacks the 3D slider, which means no 3D. My heard hurts, too, so you're not alone.

Why does this even exist? I don't even...

When I read about Nintendo's latest reveal on Wednseday, one question kept popping inside my head: WHY?! The 3DS and 3DSXL can play games just fine with the 3D slider turned off. In fact, I hardly even use the 3D on my 3DS because I've never seen the appeal of visual objects popping out at me in games or movies. Outside of those instances where enhanced depth is required in certain games, I keep the eye straining 3D off. So as you can see, playing 3DS games without 3D is quite simple and many of us won't need to pick up another system to do it. 

It isn't just the no-3D of the 2DS that gets me. One look at the above image and I think you'll see what I mean. That's right, the flip design that has been a Nintendo staple since the Game Boy Advance SP is being kicked to the curb with the 2DS. Again, why? The flip design keeps the screens look so much nicer, allowing for much less wear and tear. Why go back to a time where it was so much easier to scratch the screen of your handheld? I guess Nintendo just has to get those 2DS cases and storage backs to sell. Maybe they were going for more of a tablet design, but I still don't see this as a good thing.

On the flip side, the 2D is the cheapest of the 3DS models available It carries a retail price of $149.99 so I guess I could see someone picking this up at that cost if they didn't already one of the two existing 3DS models. If you can get over that questionable cosmetic design, that is.

The 2DS is set to launch in North America on October 12. Do you know what else comes out on October 12? That's right, kids, Pokemon X and Y. No doubt Nintendo will see another huge spike in sales with the latest generation of Pokemon games hit and these titles could be just the thing to help move 2DS units. 

The 2DS is backpedaling in every sense of the word. I'm not too keen on the 3D that the 3DS uses, but why take out a feature that was one of the system's biggest selling points? It would be like getting rid of the tablet for the Wii U after Nintendo talked it up so much. It wouldn't make any sense and neither does Nintendo's newest 3DS "upgrade."


Adam said...

I guess the cheaper price is to draw in the younger crowd. The flat design is pretty stupid though.

This is the 3DS version of the GB Micro

Chris Clash said...

I didn't notice the design was flat before... Nintendo, what are you thinking ?

ken said...

ok... my honest feelings about the 2DS. firstly, money is not an issue at all in my life, so i will be writing this from that point of view.

ok, so, no 3d in games. i bought it just to play pokemon XY, so no real need for 3d. besides that, 3d actually gives me headaches when i played 3ds and 3ds XL in the stores.

as for the design... the flat design is FAR more comfortable to hold than a 3ds or 3ds xl.

it doesnt fold and is too big to be postable? NO... fits perfect in my armani shoulder bag just fine, along with my tablet and wallet and other things, and its not an overly big bag.

for the people who hate on it, they need to realise it appeals too a different market, and, for me, the 2ds fits my style, comfort and life far better.

great console 5/5