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Friday, June 4, 2010

GASP! I Actually Bought Some GBA Games!

It can be very difficult making a purchase when it comes to video games. I must have paced the shelves of GameStop for over 20 minutes try to come to a decision. There's still lots of games I need to add to my PS2 library. I also need a few more titles to complete my GameCube set. For all the DS games I own, at times it feels like I haven't really scratched the surface. In the end, I walked out with two Game Boy Advance titles, Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland and Mario vs. Donkey Kong, two titles I'd been meaning to pick up for some time now.

Nightmare in Dreamland is a pretty good remake of the NES classic Kirby's Adventure, one of my favorite games for said system. While I still prefer the original, I can't find much fault in this remake. The updated visuals are smooth and the music is just as catch. As of this writing, I'm already on the third world.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong has been called a remake of the 1994 Donkey Kong on the Game Boy, which for my money is not only the best DK game ever, but one of the best Mario games. Having played through the first world, I honestly can't see why the word "remake" would even be applied to this title. Sure, Mario flips switches, performs hand stands and pays lots of gameplay tributes to DK '94 but this is very much a brand new game, and a highly enjoyable one at that. It looks and sounds great and the returned gameplay from DK '94 is very welcome. I'll have to pick up March of the Mini-Mes sometime.