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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Art #9: Dragon Ball Gallery

I love me some Dragon Ball and I'm on a huge Dragon Ball kick so enjoy some fan art from one of the biggest franchises of all-time.

By GenghisKwan
By limandao
By AnnouncerGuy
By AnnouncerGuy
By AnnouncerGuy
By toi-chan
By EviLilMonk
By Lilak-rain
By CharlieCasado
By CharlieCasado
By MgnZ
By GrayShuko
By GoddesMechanic2
By superpascoal
Pixiv ID
By Oshou
Pixiv ID
By Makumaku
By Lehuss


Voltech said...

You know, sometimes I find it hard to believe that Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z take place in the same universe. Same characters and concepts, sure, but just thinking about the content and intent behind the former and the...well, EVERYTHING about the latter is mind-boggling.

I mean, just look at the art you've got here (which is awesome, no question). Blatant DB-era stuff? Fun and friendship and adventures! DBZ-era stuff? Manly and cool, all day erryday! (Well, except a couple of pictures, but you get the idea.)

Interesting stuff, to be sure. But whatever the case, thanks for sharing. You put this up at pretty much the perfect time; I've had DBZ on my brain quite a bit recently...

Reggie White Jr. said...

You know, I find myself thinking that exact same thing. It's quite interesting how a series made by one man can have such huge contrasts, especially during the later years. I suppose DB and DBZ being so different could have a lot to do with just how long the series went on. Even by Shonen manga standards, 10 years is a long time.

DB has a very mystical, adventure feel to it that I love immensely. DBZ, as you said is very manly with lots of flash and cool, which I also love.