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Monday, October 13, 2014

Wan Nyan Slash - Original Soundtrack

Ah, how I love me some chiptunes. The NES was my first foray in to the expansive world of video game music. As much as I appreciate how much game music has evolved over the decades, I will always have a soft spot for chiptunes. So whenever an album surfaces that is done in the style, I just have to take a look.

Wan Nyan Slash - Original Soundtrack, is a four track album based off iOS/Android game of the same name, that as of this writing, is still in development. The album released on October 10 and is ridculously short, spanning a mere four tracks and clocking in at a little over 6 minutes in length. Despite the brevity, the original soundtrack of Wan Nyan Slash is composed of quality tunage, but then I'd expect nothing less of chibi-tech, one of the most prominent chiptune artists. As if you couldn't tell by the soundtrack cover, the audio represented here as an ancient, samurai flair to it that rings clear as a bell even in 8-bit form. If I didn't know any better, I'd guess that chibi-tech was inspired by music from the Legend of the Mystical Ninja series. The In-Game BGM track certainly reminded me of something that I'd hear in Knoami's off-beat ninja adventures.

Wan Nyan Slash - Original Soundtrack is a name your price download. So you can give some funds to chibi-tech (she certainly deserves some) or snag the album for free. I find albums like this one to be great for repeated listening or something to go have between extended alums. You'll love every (short) minute of this one.

Wan Nyan Slash - Original Soundtrack 

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