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Monday, December 22, 2014

Favorite Tunes #103: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Did you do your Christmas shopping? No? Well stop slacking and hop to it. The stores are a madhouse on Christmas eve. I waited a little longer than I should have, but mine is all taken care of. All that's left to do now is enjoy some Christmas tunes.

EV03-2: Shopping A - Bayonetta 2 (Wii U)

Pleasant surprises. These are much more preferable to the nasty kinda surprises, but that should go without saying. Anyhoo, I was not expecting the first shopping theme in Bayonetta 2 to sound so jolly and Christmas-like. This is the kinda music that makes me linger a little longer so I can hear it loop a few more times.

Snowball Waltz - Sonic Lost World (Wii U)

Sonic Lost World is either a solid entry in Sonic's 3D exploits or another blight upon the franchise depending on whom you ask. The game is currently $30 at Target so one of these days I'm going to pick it up and decide for myself. Having heard select songs from the game, I can say for certain that there are some real winners in the music department. The second act of Frozen Factory has you collecting rings via snowballs all the while some splendid wintry jam plays.

Snowman - Mother (Famicom)

The first game in the Mother series, Mother, also known as EarthBound Zero, was never offically released outside of Japan. This hasn't kept fans from experiencing the series' origins, however, as a fan translated version of it can easily be found via web search. The first Mother game introduced many series stables like off the wall humor and many familiar musical themes like Pollyanna, Bein' Friends and of course, Snowman.

Welcome to Christmas NiGHTS - Christmas NiGHTS into dreams... (SAT)

The holidays are here, so I once again find myself listening to the music from Christmas NiGHTS. The title theme for this game is w NiGHTS style edition of the Christmas favorite, Joy to the World. If you want to check out Christmas NiGHTS but are unable to find a physical copy, the PlayStaion Network and Xbox Live Arcade services have the HD edition of NiGHTS, which comes with Christmas NiGHTS as an unlockable bonus, albeit with some of the content cut out.

Rosalina's Ice World - Mario Kart 7 (3DS)

Rosalina, intergalactic traveler, quite possibly the god in the Super Mario Galaxy series games. And they give her an ice themed track? Well since they already had Rainbow Road take place in Space for Mario Kart 7, they had to give the winter environment to someone. The track itself isn't a favorite of mine, but at least it has another good winter audio piece.

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