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Monday, September 21, 2015

Super Mario Maker: More Content I'd Like to See

Nintendo's Super Mario Maker is bursting with content for you to use to create the levels of your dreams. And at the risk of sound super needy, I want more. Here's a list of content I'd love to see make its way into Super Mario Maker either from updates or DLC.

More Level Themes

Super Mario Maker has level theme's for the Ground, Underground, Castle, Underwater and so forth. Most of the Mario staples for Level themes are present and accounted for. And yet, there are some that are still absent. There are currently no Ice, Cloud or Desert level themes nor any top side water themes. Super Mario Bros. 3 had worlds heavily built upon those themes and it's a little disheartening that they aren't available for us to play around with in Super Mario Maker. Yet.

Vertical Levels

I had an idea for a vertical level that had to be modified because sadly, Super Mario Maker only allows for horizontal levels. While Super Mario Bros. 2 was well known for its vertical stages, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World and even the New Super Mario Bros. games never shied away from them. Every mid world tower Stage in the New Super Mario Bros titles is a vertical stage so they aren't exactly a foreign concept.

More Power Ups

The Super Mario Series has some of my favorite power ups and a lot of them are here for us to play with. Buuuuuuut some of the best ones are nowhere to be found. The Tanooki Suit, The Frog Suit, the Hammer Suit, the Penguin Suit are all missing in action. The Frog Suit could make Super Mario Bros. 3 made levels even better and since many of us lost the few Hammer Suits we got so quickly in Super Mario Bros. 3, it would be great to have more access to one of the most broken Super Mario power ups. I mean, we got the OP Cape Feather so I don't think another form of godhood is asking too much.

More Enemies

Where, oh where are my Spikes? My Charging Chucks,  Buster Beetle, Pokey, Boss Bass? Somewhere sipping mushroom brew, feeling dejected because they weren't invited to the Super Mario Maker party, that's where! Some of the enemies missing from game could be present via shaking an existing enemy. Hammer Bros could become Boomerang Bros or Fire Bros. Chan Chomp becomes Fire Chomp. Charging Chuck and his variations could get the same treatment. Nintendo can even give us those red Piranha Plants that come out of pipes when you stand on them.

More Stage Obstacles

You know those huge spike pillars from Super Mario World that came back in New Super Mario Bros. Wii? Can we have those, please? Heck, I'll even take that obnoxious wind from Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels and I hate that game.


I honestly felt cheated when I found out the Super Mario Bros. 3 tool set did not support slopes. That was the first game in the series they were used in and it always felt so fun to slide down into a pack of enemies and take them all out. I want to do that all over again in Super Mario Maker.

Music Options

Whenever you select your level them, you get the music associated with that theme. If you choose to go with a Ground theme, you get the Ground Theme music for that Super Mario game. This is all fine and dandy but this also means that Super Mario Maker has no Athletic themes for you to hear, which is a shame because I love Super Mario Bros. 3 and Suiper Mario World's Athletic jams. I think allowing you to select your music would go a bit further with the game's customization-heavy nature. Even include some music from the 3D games. Koopa's Road in a Castle stage? Gusty Garden on a Ground themed stage? Sign me up!

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