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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

From Mighty Hopeful to Mighty Disappointmented

Mighty No. 9 was originally seen as a beacon of hope for Mega Man fans. With Capcom having not released a new game for the Blue Bomber in years, Mighty No. 9 was viewed as the next Mega Man. The project was even being spearheaded by Mega Man co-creator, Keiji Inafune. On August 31, 2013, the Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter was launched and was successfully funded only two days later, with all of its stretch goals soon following.

The success of Mighty No. 9's speedy fund raising were largely attributed to Capcom's treatment of Mega Man over the years and having a key player in the MegaMan games, Inafune serve as the game's producer. Gamers were more than happy to shower the project with money so it could be made into a reality. I myself was going to donate to the Kickstarter, but I never got around to doing so. Nevertheless, I was very excited for the massive show of support Mighty No. 9 had recieved and was looking forward to the game's 2015 release. All was bright and hopeful on the Mighty No. 9. Except it didn't stay that way.

A slew of behind the scenes shenanigans turned a plethora of Mighty No. 9 hopeful fans into an understandably bitter bunch. The game was met with several delays, even missing it's 2015 launch year. Throwing gasoline into the fire, Inafune had launched another Kickstarter Red Ash: The Incredible Legend, a spiritual successor to the Mega Man Legends series, before Mighty No. 9 was even out in digital or store shelves. Red Ash was a poorly handled Kickstarter and did not recieve the funds required to green light the game but was instead funded by Fuze. The debacles with Mighty No. 9 and Red Ash's horribly mishandled Kickstarter only served to damage Comcept's reputation.

For the amount of money that was given to Mighty No. 9, the game somehow looks worse now than it did two years ago. Explosions look horribly generic, even for a game with cartoonish visuals and the overall graphics look like a slightly above average PS2 game. Now of course graphics aren't everything but when as Kickstarter project gets $4 million, then the end result should look a lot better.

So here we are, June 2016. Mighty No, 9 has a release date of June 21st and it looks like the game will actually be released this time. Like a lot of you, I'm no longer hyped for the game. Every time I think about that disastrous Masterclass trailer, I shake my head. Could Mighty No. 9 still wind up being a good game? And if it is, will it make up for all the crap that went down with the horrific development? Guess we won't really know until the 21st.

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