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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Favorite Tunes #149: They Call Me Sonic

You've heard of the fastest man alive, the Flash. SEGA's blue hedgehog is the fastest thing alive and he just turned 25 years old. So of course the blue blur gets his own set of Favorite Tunes all to himself. Next week marks the 150th edition of Favorite Tunes. I'm bumping the number of songs featured from six to ten so look forward to. Meantime, enjoy these Sonic jams.

Mechanical Resonance (Final Egg) - Sonic Adventure (DC, GCN)

Upon its release, Sonic Adventure was met with lots of praise. Critics have been far less kind to it over the years due to the game not aging all that well and a disdain for 3D Sonic games. It has its flaws, no doubt, but Sonic Adventure is by no means a terrible game. The soundtrack contains some of the franchises best themes ranging from jazz to ambiance and of course, lots and lots of rock.

Meta Junglira - Sonic Triple Trouble (GG)

Known in Japan as Sonic & Tails 2, Sonic Triple Trouble sees the duo up against a triple threat in the form of Robotnik, Knuckles (he still an easily duped idiot in those days) and Knack the Weasel (Fang the Sniper overseas). GG/MS can be something of an acquired taste. But get a composer that really knows how to take advantage of the sound chip and you've got some really catchy music. Case in point, Triple Trouble's soundtrack.

Wacky Workbench US - Sonic CD (SCD)

One of the harder to obtain Sonic titles became easily accessible once it was released on iOS and Android as well as the PSN and XBLA services. Sonic CD isn't my all time favorite Sonic game, but it is something I can enjoy. I really like both soundtracks and can appreciate that that contrast each other. The Japanese version is much ore loud, bouncy and in your face, while the American score is more laid back.

Aquarium Park Act 2 - Sonic Colors (Wii)

Largely seen as the end of the dark age for Sonic games, Sonic Colors was a welcome change after so many serious story driven Sonic games. Though some of the script is corny, a lot of it is laugh out loud funny. The levels are an absolute blast to barrel through and the soundtrack is phenomenal. Act 2 of Aquarium Park keeps the gentle feel of Act 1, while changing up the beat.

Big Swell - Sonic Rush Adventure (DS)

While critics and fans alike were bashing Sonic's mostly less than stellar console outings, he was thriving on Nintendo's handhelds. Not every game was perfect, but they were far and away better than trash like Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) and Shadow the Hedgehog. The Sonic Rush series has some of the best fast paced 2D Sonic gameplay and killer soundtracks to match. I'm not whether I should fight the boss or bang my head to this beat.

Time Eater [Modern] - Sonic Generations (360, PS3, 3DS PC)

While Sonic Generations mostly consists of excellent remixes, there are a few new tunes here and there. The Time Eater may be one of the most frustrating final bosses in a Sonic game, but at least he's got a sick theme.

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DS90Gamer said...

I reckon my favourite Sonic track would have to be 'Sonic Boom' (with the vocals) from Sonic CD. Sadly I can now only associate the track's title with the current Sonic games/cartoon series...