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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Favorite Tunes #151: Tomorrow is Mine

Welcome back to Favorite Tunes. This week, we have music from Super Mario Maker, Contra Rebirth, Rad Mobile, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Super Smash Bros. and we finish with a standout song from Sega Rally 2.

GTR Attack! - Contra ReBirth (Wii)

Once upon a time, Konami actually cared about console gaming. Now a days? Eh, not so much. But back when they did, we had sweet 2D run & gun games like Contra ReBirth. ReBirth used a lot of arcade-style arrangements of previous Contra music. GTR Attack! is one of the boss themes from Contra Hard Corps and as rocking as that tune sounded in that game, its even better in ReBirth.

Ghost House (Super Mario Bros. 3) - Super Mario Maker (Wii U)

I don't make a habit of posting too many creepy songs in Favorite Tunes. That isn't to say I dislike spooky themes, but I certainly don't have a playlist of them. But I find the Super Mario Bros. 3 version of Ghost House music to be an intriguing kind of frightful,

Tomorrows is Mine: Bayonetta 2 Theme (Instrumental) - Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U) 

The glorious Tomorrow is Mine piece from Bayonetta 2 that I was so hoping would make it into Super Smash Bros. made it. As an instrumental arrangement. While I was initially disappointed by this, that quickly changed after hearing the full song. I can sing along to the song (even though my singing sucks) and that saxophone is beastly.

Soup Up - Rad Mobile (ARC)

Released in arcades in 1991, Rad Mobile was one of SEGA's many racing titles. Once you get behind the wheel and the race begins, you'll notice a familiar character swooshing about in the car as an air freshener. Rad Mobile was not only Sonic's first cameo appearance, it was his first appearance in a game, predating his own instant breakout title.

Final Boss Intro ~ Final Boss -Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (ARC)

The beat 'em up series Capcom is primarily known for is their homegrown Final Fight franchise. When you think of good licensed products from them, you generally think of the Disney titles but Capcom also had their creative hands in some other properties such as Aliens vs. Predtor and Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, both excellent beat 'em up titles that most gamers will probably never get to experience outside of MAME.

Searchin' For My Dreams - Sega Rally 2 (ARC)

Let's end this Favorite Tunes with a vocal number. Released in the arcades, Sega Rally 2 was ported to the Dreamcast and is widely regarded as one of the best titles for the system. While rally racing isn't my preferred style I do adore this game's soundtrack, which is home to one of my favorite vocal gaming tracks. I can't even tell you how many times I've listened to this song on repeat.

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