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Friday, November 18, 2016

Pokémon Sun/Moon Pirates (Unsurprisingly) Salty Over Being Banned

Hello, Pokemon Sun/Moon players. Are you enjoying the sixth generation of Pokemon? Catching all kinds of new Pokemon, exploring the new region, enjoying those sweet new battle themes. It sure is a great time to be a Pokemon fan. Unless you were one of those players that couldn't wait until the game released. For such impatient thieves, Nintendo used BAN and it was super effective. No, I am not at all sorry for making that joke.

As I'm sure you've heard, someone somehow got a copy of Pokemon Sun/Moon a week or so early and leaked it onto the internet. Rather than wait for the game to release, plenty of people opted for a pirated copy of the game. Nintendo responded to this behavior by bringing down a swift, ultra super mega ban hammer to anyone playing a pirated copy of Sun/Moon. These users cannot go online with the game, nor can they access the eShop.

As you've expected, these pirate Sun/Moon players are suffering one nasty case of butthurt while the rest of us are sitting smug, laughing at their stupidity. Did these people really, really think there would be no consequences for pirating Sun/Moon? This is one of Nintendo's biggest releases this year, arguably the company's biggest release of 2016. And these people honestly thought Nintendo would not issue some form of punishment? That, my fellow gamers, is freaking hilarious. But not as hilarious at all these pirates freaking out over their bans.

These people are furious over Nintendo banning them for pirating a game. How dare Nintendo do such a thing. These whinny, entitled pukebags are all huffy because of the actions that were taken against them because of their illegal activities. They are claiming that they will never buy anything from Nintendo again, which is ironic because not buying Sun/Moon is what got them where they are in the first place.

Now some are speculating that the ban is only temporary, but it is sounding like this ban is permanent, which I think is justice well served. Lifting the ban would send the wrong kind of message. These pirates crapped the bed and now they gotta sleep in it.

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DS90Gamer said...

Definitely ironic that those with no intention of making a legit purchase are saying that they will never buy a Nintendo product again...what, just like you "bought" Sun/Moon? They deserve everything they get. After all, if everybody just pirated stuff then nobody would ever make anything ever again anyway!