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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Nintendo's Switch Super Bowl Ad is on Point

There are a number of reasons the Wii U flopped so hard but one of the biggest was a server lack of advertisement. Outside of the hardcore gamers, very few people even knew what the Wii U was, often mistaking it for some kind of add on for the original Wii. With the Nintendo Switch, it is a completely different story.

From the design of the system to the name, Nintendo has made it clear that the Switch is a completely new console so even the casual gamer won't mistake it for something it isn't. So Nintendo gets some points for eliminating name confusion but they get major props for their first Switch ad.

Now that right there is a good freaking ad. It shows what the Switch is about while showing off some games for the system with Imagine Dragon's Believer playing as background music. It is a great ad on it's own, but Nintendo plans to run that sucker during the Super Bowl. 

I'm not a football fan but even a football challenged poser like me knows how popular the Super Bowl is. Every year, millions of people tune in to see the biggest football game of the year so it was a brilliant move of Nintendo to had an ad play during the Super Bowl, letting millions of people know that they've got a new console coming and you can play it anywhere. Anyone that may not know about the Switch is going to be informed very soon. 

Again, this first Switch ad is really, really good and Nintendo gets bonus points for running it during the Super Bowl. Its a sign of stronger advertising from Nintendo, which will help them a lot during the Switch's lifespan. The Super Bowl ad will be the first time a lot of people even catch wind that the Switch is a thing and with an ad this good, Nintendo is going to get a lot of people looking in their direction. 

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