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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

All These Game Flavors and Players Choose to be Salty

Hoo boy, 2017 is looking like it is gonna be the hotness! I finally got my PS4, recently found out it is region free and I'm already spotting games I wanna import. Yakuza 0 is awesome and I could not be happier to discover the wealth of old arcade perfect games on the Arcade Archives series. There are tons of what looks to be great indie titles on the way this year and after taking Blaster Master Zero for a spin, I can't wait to play more. So we got all this good stuff going on and rather than play some games, people would rather join the ever growing ranks of the hate parade.

Two of the biggest titles for Sony and Nintendo dropped recently, Horizon: Zero Dawn and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Both are mind blowing open world titles and should make anyone that owns a Wii U, a Switch or a PS4 happy. But instead of playing these two amazing games we have a bunch of fans arguing over which of the two is better, something I couldn't honestly give two craps about. Breath of the Wild is what I think about all day every day, but I still plan on picking up Horizon and all the other sweet PS4 titles I can finally play now that I own the thing. We've also got a bunch of butthurt  Sony fans that are raising all kinds of havoc over the plethora of 10s Breath of the Wild is getting, furious over the game's near 100 score on Metacritic. People are actually going to the site and giving it the lowest score possible in hopes of giving it an overall low score. Really, is that what it is going to take to satisfy these people? I fail to comprehend how a game that has already received wide spread critical acclaim getting a lower score will make one sleep better at night, but I all sorts of stuff keeps people awake in this day and age so whatever. Breath of the Wild having a higher score than Horizon on Metacritic does not make Horizon any less of a stellar game.

Haters could be playing this amazing PS4
title but they are too busy crying about Breath
of the Wild getting an overall higher score.
I guess what really sticks in a lot of people's crawl is all the positive energy Nintendo has been getting as of late. The Switch is a much talked about console that is being heavily advertised and Breath of the Wild is a huge success for the Big N. Haters are looking for any bit to chomp at to dissuade other people's enjoyment. "The launch lineup is so small!" "It isn't as powerful as the Xbox One!" "The screen is easily scratched! and my personal favorite "Ha ha, the Switch is defective, worse Nintendo system ever!"

Yes, the screen being scratched so easily is a serious eff up on Nintendo's part, one owners are already looking into ways to avoiding. While the  occasional faulty unit sucks to anyone that has this happen to them, haters sure are quick to forget that launch XBO and PS4 units suffered from the same problems. One of the issues ti take into account with being an early adopter is that the risk of defective units tends to be higher, especially in the era of HD gaming.

Some say it is a great time to be a Nintendo fan and while I do agree with that, I'd also like to say that it is a great time to be a video game fan in general. There is way too much good stuff currently out as well as on the way to sit back hating on others and what they enjoy. I got way better things to do with my time and hopefully, you do too. Happy gaming.

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