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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Cave Story+ Famitracks

Cave Story+ is the latest release of the hit indie game that was originally released on PC way back in 2004, though in truth, this is a re-release of 2011's Cave Story+ on Steam. The Switch version of Cave Story+ has all the content the Steam release had, plus a remade soundtrack by RushJet1, who did a fantastic job covering Daisuke Amaya's original chiptune compositions.

If you picked up Cave Story+ on the Switch, you may have been surprised to see that not only did the game come with a colored instruction manual (a rare sight these days) but also a soundtrack CD containing 13 tracks. Pretty nice bonus for a re-release priced at $30. Anyone that knows Cave Story, however, knows that the game's soundtrack is comprised of far more than 13 tracks, in actuality, more than 40. RushJet1 has the entire Switch soundtrack of Cave Story+ Famitracks up on his Bandcamp page at a name-your-price download. So you can pay nothing or throw some cash his way.

I actually haven't heard Cave Story music in years and listening to it all over again reminded me of how rich this game's soundtrack is. If you haven't heard this game's music in a while, give it a re-listen. If your ears haven't been exposed to Cave Story jams, you don't know what you're missing.

Cave Story+ Famitracks

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