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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Favorite Tunes #215: That's a Big Duty

Insert Beavis and Butthead laughing sample here. Ahem, jokes aside, for this week, there's music from the recently released Celeste, Final Fight 2, Final Fantasy VI and an entry from the Dragon Quest series.

England - Final Fight 2 (SNES)

The SNES exclusive sequel to the 1989 arcade hit, Final Fight 2 introduced two new characters and featured co-op play, something the SNES port was lacking. If you're looking for anything in the way of innovation from the first game, you'll be disapointed but Final Fight 2 is still a competent beat 'em up.

Duty (Deep Blaze) - Fire Emblem Warriors (NS, 3DS)

So I finally picked up Fire Emblem Warriors on the Switch and I've been listening to more of the game's soundtrack. I'll give you the heads up now that you can expect this game to be feature quite often in Favorite Tunes because I love me some rock.  I've been familiar with Duty, a theme from Fire Emblem: Awakening since it's inclusion Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U. Like the rock arrangement of Conquest in Warriors, Duty sounds every bit as good here.

First Steps - Celeste (PC, XBO, PS4, NS)

I've had my eye on this game since the Ninidies Direct in early 2017. The game released in late January and yeah, it's pretty frickin' difficult. Thankfully, you can save at any time and the short levels takes some of the frustration off. There's also some story here and I'm surprised at how much of a kick I'm getting out of Madeline's interactions with NPCs.

Boss Theme - Street Fighter X Mega Man (PC)

Say what you will about Street Fighter IV, but man, that game's soundtrack was straight up fire. A_Rival fused Street Fighter and Mega Man music into some stellar chiptune pieces for 2012's Street Fighter X Mega Man. Volcanic Rim is no less of a great beat in 8-bit form.

Phantom Forest - Final Fantasy VI (SNES)

Ask me which Final Fantasy game is my favorite and I will tell you without hesitation, VI. The game has a wonderfully diverse cast of characters, an intriguing story and some of the best music in the medium. Nobou Uematsu really outdid himself with this score.

Battle Theme - Dragon Quest IV (NES)

Originally known as Dragon Warrior in the states and the Final Fantasy series biggest competition in Japan, the NES version of Dragon Quest IV is a very hard to find title having released late into the console's life. It was remade and re-released first on the PS in Japan and later on DS, which is the version most are probably familiar with. Even after hearing the DS music first, Koichi Sugiyama's 8-bit soundtrack is still incredible stuff.

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