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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Favorite Tunes #234: Crude for You

As I've been listening to quite a bit of arcade music lately, it has crept its way into Favorite Tunes more and more. This may seem a bit unusual as I'm not someone that spent a great deal of time in the arcades growing up, which is something I regret. Thankfully, digital distribution has allowed me to discover what no doubt many others have experienced in arcades, thus getting me exposed to some really good arcade music.

New Day For Me  (Stage 2) - Zero Wing (AC)
Zero Wing is mostly known for its Engrish that spawned countless memes in the early 2000s, the Genesis version, at least. So popular are said memes that it may come as a surprise to find out that Zero Wing was originally an arcade game. Recently, I gave the arcade score a listen and was blown away. I'm a sucker for old arcade jams.

Leave Alone (Stage London) - Street Fighter III: New Generation (ARC)
In 1997, Capcom surprised everyone by doing the unthinkable: placing a III after "Street Fighter" They also upset a lot of players by 86ing just about every fighter from SFII, save Ryu and Ken. Players have since warmed to the SFIII crew. The game also introduced the parry mechanic as well as some sweet new beats. While 3rd Strike is without question the most popular and best game of the SFIII line, if you're curious about checking out the first one, you can experience it as part of the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection.

Garuda Cave - Fighting EX Layer (PS4)
Fighting EX Layer has at long last been released. Annnnnnd yeah, it is missing some modes, mainly an arcade mode. This is sure to give players a Street Fighter V launch vibe but Arika ins't exactly rolling in dough. As of now, the game is a digital only title but with enough support, hopefully more modes will be added. The music is very much in the style of the Street Fighter EX game and the original Fighting Layer (both which we developed by Arika) so if you loved the music in those games, you won't be disappointed.

Stage 1 - Batman (TG-16)
Everyone goes nuts for the Stage 1 Batman theme on NES. And why should't they? It is a banger of a tune. Well, let me introduce you to the TG-16 version of Stage 1 from Batman. Different tune, yes, but still all kinds of radical.

Crude Buster -The Lifeline of New York- - Two Crude (AC)
Known as Depending on side of the pond you reside in the world, this game is known as Crude Buster. For us in the US of A, it is known as Two Crudes or Two Crude Dudes for those that played the Genesis port, which for the longest time was the only way to play this baby until MAME came along. Now you can legally play this baby thanks to digital destribution and I'll talk a bit more about this one this coming week. For now, just dig this baller theme.

Name Entry - Demon's World (AC)
I am just showering Toaplan with all kinds of love this week (Zero Wing is a game by Toaplan, FYI). If we HAMSTER ever gets to some Toaplan games perhaps we can see titles from their catalog on the arcade archives line. In the meantime, all I can say about Demon's World is that it has one of my favorite Name Entry themes. Not quite up there with that of Altered Beast, but still pretty dang good.

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