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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Favorite Tunes #86: Happy Happy, Joy Joy

No, this has nothing to do with Ren & Stimpy, but the music featured is on the happy, upbeat side. So if you're fan of the famous 90's gross out show, my apologies because you won't find anything pertaining to that insane animated show outside of the shout out in the title.

Athletic - Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)

Super Mario Bros. 3 is for many the best title in the Super Mario series. It's loaded with plethora of levels and power-ups than the previous two games and it introduced seven of the most endearing stars to the Mario universe, the Koopalings. This was also the game that gave us the very first Athletic theme, a track that tends to be far more zany-sounding than the traditional Ground/Overworld themes.

Wanda Wanda - Katamari Damacy (PS2)

Speaking of zany, Katamari Damacy is that and then some. Released in 2004 with a budget price of $20, Katamari Damacy astounded gamers just as much as it left them bewildered. The goal? Roll up as much stuff as you can to make you Katamari bigger and recreate the stars that the King of the Cosmos accidentally destroyed. You'd think that a song that repeats the same thing over and over again would grate on the nerves, but Wanda Wanda will have you bobbing you head infinitely.

Magnet Man Stage - Mega Man 3 (NES)

I once read an article where the author said that the music in Mega Man 7 sounded "too happy." This statement amused me because a lot of Mega Man music is cheerful like Crash Man's theme and Magnet Man's theme, arguably the happiest Robot Master stage music in the entire series. This theme is so humable and infectious that merely saying that it's a popular theme is a tremendous understatement.

Palmtree Panic JP - Sonic CD (SCD)

By CharlieCasado

Sonic's first CD based adventure gave us time travel, Sonic's first rival in Metal Sonic and two very different soundtracks. I love both scores but it took years for both versions of Palmtree Panic to grow on me. This song could be used for races on Seaside Hill in Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing and was an unlockable in Sonic Generations.

Sakura Stage - Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (ARC ver.)

If you're wondering, there never was a Super Puzzle Fighter. The title was just a joke by Capcom for pumping out so many updates of Street Fighter II back in the day. My level of skill still isn't up to snuff to take on the AI when it gets really intense, but this is still one of my favorite puzzle games and is a hoot with a buddy. It's as if the composers injected a hefty dose of DAAAAWWW into Sakura's energetic theme.

Pac-Man Cup - Mario Kart Arcade GP (ARC)

Think Mario Kart titles have been limited to handhelds and home consoles? Nintendo will take Mario and company out of the comfort of home and place theme in the arcades from time to time. These arcade racers often see Mario crossing over with characters from the Namco Bandai universe such as Pac-Man.

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