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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Favorite Tunes #114: Play it Loud

Three words, "Play it loud." This was actually Nintendo's slogan back in the mid 1990s. Prior to this it was "The best play here," which wasn't nearly as cool as SEGA's "Welcome to the next level." This is another one of those Nintendo centric Favorite Tunes posts but this time we're focusing on the rock side of Nintendo music.

I actually don't mind the absence of the Kremlings in the latest Donkey Kong Country games.  Even Mario faces foes other than Bowser from time to time. There's no written law that all DKC games must feature reptiles as the primary antagonist. Bashmaster is the boss of the World 5 and like Pompy from World 1, he rocks out to a killer beat. 

True story, Mr. Sandman has always given me a hard time in any Punch-Out!! game. Fighting him actually made me right hand ache from throwing so many punches in Super Punch-Out!! In the Wii version of Nintendo's arcade boxing game, Mr. Sandman is Little Mac's final opponent. Three guesses as to why this guy has the name he has. 

There was a rock flair to the original SNES F-Zero but it really became apparent with F-Zero X, which was bursting at the seams with rock and metal tracks across the board. The GBA's sound system may not be one of Nintendo's best but in the right hands, it can pump out some splendid audio. Featuring completely original music, F-Zero: Maximum Velocity still retains that rock flair that was made famous in the series first 3D outing. Stark Farm has a continuous bass line accompanied by sick electric guitar riffs and solos.  

Zelda fan service rapped up in a Dynasty Warriors package. I've never played a single Dynasty Warriors game but the addition of characters from the Zelda universe was enough to make me take interest. The game is repetitive to be sure, but so are some of the best beat 'em ups so in that respect, I can get down with Hyrule Warriors. I can also get down to the game's soundtrack. Rock has always been a major part of the Dynasty Warriors games so giving Zelda themes that sort of treatment only seems logical. You'd be amazed how some classic Zelda tunes sound all rocked up. 

Dream Land was my favorite stage to play in the original Super Smash Bros. I liked the stage hazard that was Whispy Woods trying to blow fighters off the stage and I couldn't get enough of Hirokazu Ando's Gourmet Race arrangement. The Halberd stage in Brawl has a wealth of different Kirby jams, including this unbelievably rad metal arrangement. This sucker is enough to melt your face clean off.

The rock and metal tracks are in heavy abundance in Excite Truck, a game which ditches the motocycles from ye old Excite games in favor of four wheel trick style gameplay. You'd think trucks would have a doozy of a time pulling of stunts since the weigh a couple of tons, but nope, they get along just fine. The Postrace theme from this game was included in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as well as Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. However, I personally feel Nebula is the best tune in Excite Truck and feel it should have been included in those games. 

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