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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Stop Having Fun, Guys

Fun, enjoyment, entertainment. That, in a nutshell is the reason why gamers game. And yet, there are those in this not-so-humble video game industry that would deny us such. I've mentioned these type of gamers as one of the medium's most annoying in the past. The ones that rag on others that aren't playing a game a specific kind of way. Well, as it turns out more than one of this gamer type exists. There's the kind I just mentioned and then you've got those that bash you for simple enjoying a game they did not.

DmC: Devil May Cry was, how shall we say, not a well received game. I didn't play it or any of the four Devil May Cry games that came before it, but I'm well aware of the tremendous amount of backlash gamers dumped upon the game and Capcom by extension. Be that as it may, there are those out there that still had fun with DmC. The fact that somewhere out there in this great, big world of ours exists people with contrasting opinions is an injustice. The people that had fun with DmC don't deserve the enjoyment they got from the game because it was loathed by so many fans of the previous Devil May Cry games. Cry me a effin' river.

Did you actually like DmC? Better hide in a bomb shelter
because Devil May Cry fans ain't having that. 

The Call of Duty games that Activision is milking like a cow. These titles are immensely popular and it seems as if a new one comes out every year. You can't go any place without hearing about the current or upcoming Call of Duty and that alone has made the franchise catch flak from those that aren't knee on Activision's FPS powerhouse. I'm not a fan of the games myself, but I know there a plethora of gamers out there that love them so I'm not gonna bemoan them for getting some fun out a series that I don't see what the fuss is about.

Nintendo. God have mercy on your soul if you like a game they make, publish or any one of their consoles after the 16-bit era. The fact that the company still has a fanbase is incomprehensible to those that do nothing but throw hate at them. Do you like Mario Kart 8 and all the rad DLC? You suck and are a terrible human being that should die in a fire. What's that you say? You actually like the Wii U? You're everything that's wrong with gaming!

The market is overrun with FPS, but being
bitter to gamers that eat these games up
is not going to change that.

When did hating on others for enjoying a game you despised become a thing? Perhaps it always was a thing but thanks to the power of the interwebs and social media, its a lot more massive than what it once was. There's disagreeing with someone's opinion but lots of gamers go so much further than that. They have to hurl insults, rage and bile at others that had fun with a game they didn't. The very notion that someone would get so upset, so heated that a person's opinion does not line up with their own is baffling to me. If they don't like something, or didn't have fun with it, you aren't allowed to have fun with it and their seething hatred will be known. That right there is a thought process I will never be able to wrap my head around.

I like to believe that we as gamers can do better. I want to believe that we can respect one another in spite of having conflicting opinions. Or is jumping down someone's throat because we disagree so much easier to do than acting like a reasonable human being? Considering how groan-inducing gamers find easy difficulty settings to be, I'd say its high time we take the more difficult route and better ourselves.


Lauren Farrow said...

I completely agree! We should respect one another in spite of having conflicting opinions because shouldn't we (as gamers) be good team members?

Don't judge another because one day they could be an important ally.

GameOverYeah said...

It's always the minority who seem to shout the loudest, especially on the internet.

I don't have any desire to play COD but I respect that people do and want to, It's just not for me.

In any form of entertainment you get the minority whinging over nothing.