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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Mega Man II GB Remade

Mega Man II was the worst of the Game Boy Mega Man titles. When compared to any of the other four GB Mega Man titles, everything about it just feels off. The biggest, offender, however, was the game's soundtrack. While Mega Man 2 on the NES is often herald as one of the finest chiptune soundtracks and some of the best video game music ever, you won't get the those same warm and fuzzy feelings when thinking about Mega Man II's GB score. It isn't that the compositions were terrible. The instruments used to make the music made it a painful Mega Man score to listen to. Sound pitches are far too high to the point of being ear grating. RushJet1 has worked magic in remaking the first three NES Mega Man game soundtracks in chiptune formate and he returns to do the impossible, make Mega Man II's GB music pleasing to the ears with Mega Man II GB Remade.

While Mega Man 1-3 on the NES were perfectly fine as is, RushJet1's chiptune remaking of them was welcomed. But if a Mega Man soundtrack was in dire need of being remade, it's Mega Man II on the GB. RushJet1's rendition of Mega Man II's GB tunes are easy on the eardrums, making for a much better listening experience. If you've never played Mega Man II, the GB game used original music rather than shrunken down versions of the Robot Master stage themes you might expect from their NES counterparts. Mega Man II GB Remade is available at name your price download, so if you'd like to thrown the man some cash, by all means. Of course, you can always opt to pay nada and get it for free. Kudos to RushJet1 for another fine chiptune soundtrack and for making Mega Man II's GB music sound enjoyable.

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