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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Favorite Tunes #142: After April Fools

I wanted to have this installment of Favorite Tunes up on April Fools day, but alas. Nonetheless, a most of the tracks I had in mind for April Fools still make the cut so enjoy some jams from the likes of WarioWare and Katamari, Tekken and We Love Katamari.

One of the earlier 3DS games, Tekken 3D: Prime Edition didn't set the world on fire but it was nice to have another Tekken experience on the go. The music turned out to be quite good. Next to Lotus Hall, Dessert Wasteland is my second favorite piece of music from the game.

Moving on from one Tekken game to another. Tekken 4 brought a few new characters to the Tekken family like Steve Fox and Christie Monteiro. A few of the stages also included some destructible pieces to the scenery a la Dead or Alive. It would be a Tekken game without some killer beats and Tekken 4 delivers that and then some. 

The first in the popular WarioWare series, and still my favorite entry. Tons of mini games in rapid succession with tons of quirk and Japanese weirdness and a wonderful cast of characters make the WarioWare games a joy to play. This staff roll them starts off upbeat but sometime after the one minute mark, it takes a bit of a sad turn before it makes with the beat again.

We go from one Wario game to another, and yet another staff roll theme, no less. A Wario platformer made by Treasure? Where do I sign up?  The GameCube may have been a commercial failure, but it still had a plenty of games to choose from and 2003 was a very good year for the system with Wario World being among the games available for the platform that year. I've always enjoyed the slight oddball nature that this theme holds.

Not just any Turrican theme. THE Turrican theme. This theme is to Turrican what the classic Ground Theme is to the Super Mario series. The Genesis rendition in Mega Turrican makes great use of the system's sound chip. Sound say its even better than the Amiga and SNES versions. 

Katamari Damacy was one of 2004's biggest PS2 surprises. A $20 game that was strange, innovative and amazingly fun. Imagine my surprise when a sequel dropped a year later. Like the original game, We Love Katamari had a wonderful soundtracks with some outstanding vocal performances. 

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