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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Great Gaming Weapons & Items Vol. 2

Where does he/she get those wonderful toys? From dropped mooks, fallen Robot Masters, "?" Blocks and a dozen other places, of course!. Video games have given us some of the best weapons and items to play around with, the likes of which would make 007 jealous. In this ongoing feature, we look at some of gaming's greatest.

Dagger - Ghosts 'n Goblins Series

In a game that throws hordes of enemies at you and doesn't let you take much in the way of damage before you perish, any weapon that kills the enemy quickly is going to be something you want in your arsenal. The Dagger (sometimes called a knife) is easily the best weapon in the game. The other weapons Arthur can pick up aren't horrible. They just suck mass booty in comparison to the awesome power that is the Dagger. The Torch sucks because if the fire from it is still burning, you can't throw another one, which leaves poor Arthur defenseless and as I'm sure you're already experienced, the baddies in these games don't have an ounce of mercy in their demonic bodies. The Dagger can be thrown fast and deals great damage to everything you come across. At least until you get to levels 5 and 6.

Magnet Beam - Mega Man (NES)

The original Mega Man game does not go easy on the player. Jumps must be made with the utmost precision and due to Mega Man's falling speed in this game, that can make reaching your destination harder that it should be at crucial moments. For this reason and due to the game's many sections of bottomless pits, the Magnet Beam is a life and stress saver. This nifty support item can be found in Elec Man's stage by either using the Super Arm or Thunder Beam weapons. The Magnet Beam creates platforms for our blue hero to walk on and the length of the platform is determined by how long you press the button. You can create several platforms on the screen at a time. You'll get some sprite flicker but its a small price to pay for staying out of harm's way.

Hookshot - Legend of Zelda Series

Batman always looked like he was having so much fun with his graples but I never understood how much he was enjoying himself until I discovered the Hookshot. This marvel of an item is surprisingly multi functional. The Hookshot is great for quick access across bottomless pits. It can stun enemies as well as snag items that from afar. In the Super Smash Bros. game, the Hookshot serves as another means for Link to grapple opponents and works well as another means of recovery so long as Link is near the edge of the stage.

Remote Control - Bomberman Series

Blowing stuff and people up in  video games is fun but when it comes to explosions in a Bomberman game, you want as much control over things going boom as you can get. The Remote Control item allows you to detonate your own bombs at the time of your choosing. You can surround some poor sap with a horde of bombs, press the trigger and watch the fireworks or let him/her sweat it out for a bit, seemingly giving them the chance to escape and just as they get in the clear, blow them to kingdom come. A bomb blast can trigger your Remote Control bombs to go off if the bombs from another player have blast long enough to reach them. On the flip side, if you plant one of your Remote Control bombs near an opponent's and they are trying to flee to safety, you can use your bombs to set their bombs off a whole lot sooner. You truly haven't lived until you've played a few rounds of Bomberman with this baby.

Aqua Shield - Sonic the Hedgehog Series

As I'm sure you've no doubt heard from anyone that has played a Sonic game, drowning sucks. That nerve wrecking countdown music, The pained expression Sonic makes as he dies from lack of oxygen; watery death in a Sonic game is just a painful experience for both Sonic and the player. The Aqua shield greatly diminishes the threat that underwater stages bring. Yeah, you can always look around for air bubbles in an underwater zone, but when an item lets you ignore what is arguably the biggest grievance that aquatic levels bring, you'd be a fool not to take it. The Aqua Shield also deflects smaller projectiles and gives Sonic an extra bounce in his jump. Obviously, this is also the only elemental shield that can be taken underwater.

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