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Monday, May 2, 2016

Favorite Tunes #144: Robots and Fish

This edition of Favorite Tunes sees the return of music from Undertale, music from Star Fox Zero and Bomberman 64 to list half of the music here. As always, enjoy!

Corneria - Star Fox Zero (Wii U)

At long last, Star Fox has returned! And there was much crying about the controls. Would a more conventional control method have been welcomed? Yes. Is SFZ a bad game because it lacks this? Of course not. In any case, it's another Star Fox game, which means another trip to Corneria, which is once again, under attack. For the most part, I did my best to stay away from being exposed to the music of SFZ because I wanted to be surprised. I am SO glade I got to experience this theme during gameplay.

Finale - Undertale (PC)

By Miltonholmes

The PC RPG taking the gaming world by storm, Undertale is not like most games in the genre. Combat is turned based but you can still move about to avoid in coming attacks. Your weapons also handle differently so you can't just sleep your way through fights. You don't even have to defeat the foes you encounter. A cast of wonderfully charming characters and a very catchy soundtrack that spans numerous eras of gaming make Undertale a tale to remember.

Kimera II - G-Darius (ARC)

The Darius franchise has been around for a long time now but I've only played a handful of games in the series, with G-Darius being my favorite. You can convert enemies to your side for extra firepower or sacrifice them by turning them into a huge, powerful blast which you can use to duel the huge bosses with beam struggles. The soundtrack to G-Darius is another reason I adore the game. Its got some opera, some industrial, ambiance and haunting music that works really well to the stage backdrops, which are a marvel in and of themselves.

Blue Resort - Bomberman 64 (N64)

Bomberman 64 had quite the ambitious single player mode with challenging levels, puzzles and tough bosses to boot. It seems most of the effort was focused on solo player as what Bomberman is mainly known for, multiplayer, was quite weak in comparison. Bomerman 64's soundtrack rates among some of the best jams to blow stuff up to.

Metalopod - Splatoon (Wii U)

Splatoon is almost one year old and I'm still playing the game headily to this day, trying out new weapons, maxing out my gear and learning new strategies in Turf War. Not only was Splatoon one of my favorite games of 2015, the game's score ranked pretty high as well. Even when I'm not playing the game, the tunes are stuck in my head.

Wood Man - Mega Man Soccer (SNES)

If only the people at Capcom had folks like Nintendo handling some of Mega Man's spin-off titles. Mega Man Soccer could have been so much better. Instead, its an average soccer game with crap controls that has Mega Man and some Robot Masters in it. Fun fact, Enker, Mega Man Killer #001 was actually in this game. Of all the things Mega Man Soccer did wrong, the music wasn't one of them.

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Anonymous said...

This post made me want to dig out my copy of Bomberman 64, heh. :)

Reggie White Jr. said...

@Anonymous I am to please!