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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Favorite Tunes #185: Space Mode

For this week's Favorite Tunes, we've got music from Phoenix Wright, Final Fantasy Legend II, Castlevania III, and a bumping beat from one very unexpected title.

Introduction - Phalanx (SNES)

By no means a remarkable shooter, and the North American box art is nothing short of atrocious, you could do a lot worse than Phalanx on the SNES. The soundtrack is a real gem. The twang in this intro track really makes it pop.

Age, Regret, Reward - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (DS)

In court one must present evidence to support one's claims so obviously so detective work is involved and if there was any one theme in the game that made me feel like I was super sleuth, it was this one.

Save the World - Final Fantasy Legend II (GB)

The Final Fantasy Legend trilogy are actually SaGa games. More than likely they were rebranded as Final Fantasy titles to give them more exposure. The SaGa games are something of an aquired taste, but pretty much everyone would agree that the music is the bee's knee. This is one outstanding final battle theme.

Aquarius (JP Version)  - Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse (NES)

The third and final NES Castlevania title is far more of a ball buster than the original. You can play as multiple characters including Alucard but your might go insane before you can even get that far. Castlevania III has two different soundtracks with the Japanese version using some more enhanced audio. I tend to go against the majority and favor the non enhanced audio more but I can still enjoy the Japanese version.

Cameron Crest - Fast RMX (NS)

At the rate Nintendo Switches are selling, it is pretty much a safe bet that the console/handheld hybrid is going to outsell the Wii U. If you're one of the many that passed on Nintendo's first HD console but bought a Switch, you probably missed out on Fast Racing NEO, a super sweet futuristic racer with a pumping soundtrack. Fast RMX for the Switch has all of the race tracks from NEO along with some old tunes from that game and some killer new ones like this little number.

Space Mode - Teen Titans GO!: Stellar Showdown (PC)

I'm not gonna mince words here. Teen Titans GO! is one of, if not the biggest plague on Cartoon Network. It gets far more air time than it deserves and the bulk of the show is very unfunny. So imagine my surprise when I'm watching the latest in Lytherio's Mario Kart 8 Katastrophe series and I hear this sick 1980s Genesis style beat playing in the background for the game Stellar Showdown. I never thought I'd put music from a TTG game in Favorite Tunes, but here we are. This jam is sooooo good!

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