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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Favorite Tunes #218: Inkwell Isle One

One of my favorite robots in gaming is getting some love in Favorite Tunes this week. No, it is not Mega Man. Or Proto Man. Or even X. There's also a rendition from Secret of Mana, the flying opossum, Sparkster and a lesser known Nintendo racer.

Fear of the Heavens - Secret of Mana (PS4, PSV, PC)

I have not read any reviews for this remake but I'm well aware that is has been getting blasted both by fans and critics. Nevertheless, I bought the game on release day and as a big fan of the original, I've really been enjoying it. The music seems to be a miss with most folks, but you have the option to switching over to the original SNES score. Not every arranged track is a winner but I've liked most of what I've heard.

Stage 3 - Sparkster (GEN)

There's an SNES version of Sparkster that released the same year as this Genesis version did. They are two completely different games, however. Both games do use some of the same themes so it is nice to see how certain tracks come out on their respective hardware. Much like the original Rocket Knight Adventures, Sparkster was largely overlooked.

Inkwell Isle One - Cuphead (PC, XBO)

Beautiful, cartoonish visuals, chaotic run and gun gameplay and a a plethora of bosses. Cuphead has done extremely well on numerous fronts. I picked up some Cuphead merch in the form of adorable plushies of the two main characters, Cuphead and Mugman. Just a few days ago, I snagged the Devil. If a physical release of the Cuphead soundtrack became available en mass, I would cop that with the quickness.

Mission 2 (Cilius Moon Weapon Factory) - Sol-Feace (SCD)

In the monumental Favorite Tunes #200, I posted the Genesis rendition of Mission 2 from Sol-Deace (no idea why the two versions go by different names). Well, here's the arranged SEGA CD (MEGA CD for my Japanese and European readers) version of that very same track. It does not lose a single ounce of bounce on CD quality audio.

Monster Dance - Famicom Grand Prix II: 3D Hot Rally (NES)

Released only in Japan, you'd think this baby would get more exposure on Nintendo's eShop but no such luck. At least not yet. That cool backwards hat and mechanic uniform Mario is sporting in Super Mario Odyssey is taken from this very game. The composer of this super catchy, highly upbeat track is Soyo Oka. You may have heard of her. She wrote the music to a little game called Super Mario Kart.

Planet Brainwave - Super Bomberman R (NS)

Hopefully last year's Super Bomberman R isn't the last we've seen of our favorite little blaster. But this is Konamiw we're talking about. The game may not have set the world on fire but at least Konami managed to not screw it up with microtransactions or charging for additional save slots. Heck, one of the updates included some Konami costumes such as characters from the Mystical Ninja Games and the Vic Viper from Gradius.

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