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Friday, April 12, 2013

Latest Purchases #48

Seems like it's been an eternity since I bought anything off of Amazon but it was my best bet for picking up two items I've coveted for the longest time. These arrived in the mail on Thursday with only the standard shipping. Not too shabby considering I ordered them Tuesday.

First up is Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie. This uncut DVD actually contains three, count 'em three different versions of the film. There's the original Japanese version, the English version and the UK version with new scenes and a KMFDM soundtrack. So I'm guessing the UK version uses a different score from the American and Japanese versions. I'll have to see what that's all about.

It's been years since I watched Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie. Most Street Fighter fans saw this in 1994 when it originally came out. Me, I didn't see it until 2004 when I picked up the PS2 Street Fighter Anniversary Collection, which came with the edited version of the film. It was a very wonderful bonus, even in edited form, but I can't express enough how nice it will be to see this movie fully uncut. From my understanding, this is the best movie of Street Fighter, animated, live action or otherwise.

The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia. I saw this book on Amazon before it was released early this year. The original price is $34.99 but Amazon sells it for $19.99. I've always loved how they give you price cuts on things. The book is much bigger than I thought. I knew it was a hardcover, but I was surprised at the size of the book when I opened the box.

I mainly bought Hyrule Historia for the artwork. I've long appreciated the numerous art styles of this series so it's nice to have a book that I can just crack open and admire the art. This book also contains an official timeline of the Zelda series. Fans have been trying (in vain) to make sense of the series convoluted timeline and hoped that this book would set things straight. From what I've read this book does little to make things easier to comprehend. Honestly, I could care less about Zelda's timeline. I just accept the fact the many of the Zelda games take place ind different worlds and in different time periods. Some Links are left handed, some are right handed. Does everything really have to be connected? No. No it doesn't.

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Chalgyr Vokel said...

I still have an old copy of my original Street fighter II movie on VHS somewhere. Kind of funny since I don't have a VHS player anymore.

The Hyrule Historia looks good - like you, I'd mostly be interested in it for the art. I've got it on my Amazon wishlist, but haven't pulled the trigger just yet.