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Monday, April 29, 2013

Latest Purchases #50

Like so many others that watched Darkwing Duck in the early 1990s, I was thrilled when news broke that BOOM! was doing a revival of the character. Not only that, but DuckTales and Chip 'N Dale's Rescue Rangers were also getting their own comic books. Sadly, Marvel refused to keep publishing these when Disney bought Marvel so these wonderful new comic books were given the axe. I never did get to pick up the individual comics when they released but I've never been a stranger to trades and I was pleased to see that Amazon had the Darkwing Duck graphic novels (along with the aforementioned DuckTales and Rescue Rangers books) for very reasonable prices.

I've been reading Darkwing Duck: The Duck Knight Returns, the first TPB and as I knew I would, I'm loving it. The art is very faithful to the cartoon show and so is the writing. It's as if Darkwing Duck never ended and I find myself grining like a school girl every time I read it or flip through the book. The second Darkwing Duck TPB, Crisis on Infinite Darkwings (an obvious title play on DC's 1985 mega story, Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline) has Negaduck teaming up with Magica DesSpell to kidnap Darkwings from other realities, brainwash them and have them wreak havoc on St. Canard, smearing Darkwings reputation. It seems like a simple villain team up but it soon goes in a different direction when Paddywack makes a comeback (he was in the episode The Haunting of Mr. Banana Brain that had an ending that left things very much open that he could return). I think it goes without saying that I cannot wait to purchase the remaining two BOOM! Darkwing Duck TPBs.

I finally finished reading the fourth Archie Mega Man story arc that took place in Mega Man #13-16. When Issue 16 originally went on sale, I got the street date confused and missed my chance to pick up my copy. So I went through Amazon to get it. While I'm thankful to know that obtaining certain back issues on Amazon is an option, I'm not sure it's one I'm willing to use often. I think I ended up paying more than $6 for this issue, including shipping, which I personal think it outrageous. A comic book subscription is sound better and better.

Part two of Worlds Collide in the Sonic and Mega Man crossover. I knew Sonic and Mega Man would start out fighting each other as evidenced by the first few teasers, but part two in the story shows just how Eggma and Wily pit Sonic and Mega Man against each other. I do think Sonic's friends being turned into Roboticized Masters is a nice angle but I feel it gives some of the side characters in Sonic's world less time to shine but maybe the metal will fall off of them before the story ends. Even if it doesn't, I'm glad this crossover has finally gotten underway.

Another month, another issue of Retro Gamer. I had no idea Dragon's Lair was 30 years old. Since I'm currently playing the Wii version of Punch-Out!!, I do find it coincidental that this issue's Ultimate Guide is centered on Punch-Out!!, the NES version at least. I was never able to finish this game but I've always wanted to so maybe this guide will shed some light on things. 

fye was still having their sale when I picked up Patapon + Loco Roco Dual Pack. Instead of $14.99 I paid a little under $7. I really need to get a PSP so I can play all these games I have for the thong.

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Jim said...

awesome - I LOVED Darkwing Duck.