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Monday, August 12, 2013

Life and Times in Gamerock Entry 4

Gamerock continues to be the ever prosperous town, but some changes have been made.

Much as I love the Night Owl ordinance, I had it removed in favor of the Bell Boom. Things now cost more, but on the flip side, things can be sold at a higher rate. This makes paying off that fiend Tom Nook a bit easier as well as completing public work projects.

I don't turn down help. Actually following
up on every request, however...
The the word of Neo, "WHOA!"
Reggie had Cyrus do some custom work
on his Exotic Bed.
Cooper, your first order of business is to
throw that ape in the red shirt out of
town ASAP!

Speaking of public works projects, I've completed quite a few more! Town Hall has been renovated and given a new Russian-esque look. It's taken some time but the color scheme has started to grown on me.

One of the townsfolk dropped the suggestion of  Police Station some time ago so I finally had one built. I went with the Modern Police Station since it strongly resembles the one from the original Animal Crossing. Sadly, Cooper is the only police dog on the force and the unsure Booker is absent. Turns out Booker comes with the Classic Police Station. Don't get me wrong, I like Cooper and his confidence but Booker really helped balance things out.

The town also has it's very own cafe in the form of the Roost, run by none other than Brewster. I can sit down every day or night since it's open 24 hours and have a cup of coffee. Even better I can have coffee to go since Brewster offers take out now. Occasionally, the citizens that work on Main Street will stop in for coffee once work is done and I can talk with them. Thus far, Kicks has come in and he's told me a bit about his past.

This past Sunday was the first of the Fireworks Festival. Starting at 7PM, the sky is lit up with fireworks that can be seen at any point in town. It's quite the lovely site and just about everyone in town was outside their homes to enjoy the show. I even got some gifts after paying Crazy Redd 500 coins a pop for a few fortune  cookies supplied by Timmy and Tommy Nook. Isabelle even handed out some fireworks for me to set on the ground and watch go off. She also gave me some literally flash headgear to wear to mark the occasion. It was nice to see her out of Town Hall having fun.

Lyle, you're a lying liar who lies.
He's still alive, sadly.
How could you tell?

I've really gotten into custom items that Cyrus makes. Among other things, I had him turn my Pink Game Shelf into a Black Game Shelf, complete with a Silver GameCube.

Muffy damiiring my work on the organ.
Um, sorry?

I also ventured out into other homes through Happy Home Academy and was surprised to see a Mii that looked like Nintendo of America's President, Reggie Files Aime. Sure enough, it was the man himself. A spot pass was sent out so that everyone that plays New Leaf can check out his home, but I found out about it the old fashioned way. So I went into his house and picked up a few things like a Ninja Sword. He's got a pretty nice place and has all the Nintendo items.

Reggie's home wasn't the only place I took a visit to. The numerous houses I've come across enabled me to extended my catalog greatly. I have nearly all of the items in the Astro series thanks to a few people and I've gotten some ideas for my personal exhibits at my Museum.

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