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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Latest Purchases #56

The Sandlot was one of my favorite movies and I really should have picked it up on DVD years ago. It was only $4.75 at Target. Been a few years since I've seen it so the next time I get a day off or maybe one night after sit down and give it a watch. 

The Iron Giant is an animation masterpiece. At least it is in my eyes. I've always been fond of robots and this is flick would certainly earn a spot on my list of top robot flicks. The animation is still very nice in this one.

In the early 1990s my family used to rent videos from Block Buster Video all the time. One weekend we rented a movie called What About Bob? It's about a crazy patient that goes sane and drives his doctor insane. This movie left my family and I in stitches and is one of Bill Murrays best films. It's been a long time since I've seen this movie and I was really surprised to see it for $5 at Target. Nothing in the way of extras but I'm not complaining. 

I love Independence Day. When the VHS came out I would watch it religiously. This version contains the special edition with the bonus material and the theatrical release.

I've never read the comic book mini series that Just League: The Flashpoint Paradox is based off of but after I watching this incredibly awesome movie, I just may have to check it out. Essentially a Flash movie, it explores an alternate reality after something in the past changes the future. The animation is easily some of the best among these DC animated films and that makes for some incredible action scenes. It's also one of the few DC animated features on Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack that I've been able to pick up for under $13. I usually end up forking over $20 for these so that was plenty nice.

That Spidey cup was actually in the kids section but I've always considered myself a big kid. That and I love Spider-Man. 

I've finally added The World Ends With You to my library. I'm so caught up with the awesomeness that is the 3DS that sometimes I forget that I still need to track down DS games. I got this off Amazon for $20 brand new.

Speaking of 3DS, that's three more games to the collection. I wanted to get Code of Princess for my birthday but no stores had it in. It is an Atlus game, after all. So I hoped on Amazon, and bought it for $30.

The Year of Luigi continues with Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. I absolutely love that cover with Luigi dozing off, dreaming of a bunch of other Luigis. There are times when I think Nintendo really does adore the man in green over their own mascot.

I picked up Fire Emblem: Awakening just for the $30 eShop credit, which I already used. This is actually the second Fire Emblem game I own. Years ago I picked up Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones on the GBA, which, surprise, surprise, I've yet to get around to playing.

Darkwing Duck: Campaign Carnage is actually the fourth TPB from the Boom! comic book series. So I still need to pick up F.O.W.L. Disposition, which seems to be the mostly costly on Amazon for some reason. 

I've been reading Hardcore Gaming 101 for years and I was really surprised to see they'd put out a book. This particular book focuses on SEGA's arcade games. That's over 160 pages of SEGA arcade goodness. I'm gonna have to get caught up on my books soon and get around to reading this one.

The Sonic and Mega Man Worlds Collide crossover has finished. I like it but I'm glad it's over. The adaptation of the Mega Man 3 story, which picks back up in Mega Man #28 is looking good. Spoilers: Roll gets shot by Break Man and all the robots across the world shut down because of Ra-Moon.


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