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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Latest Purchases #58

I'd been meaning to pick up more t-shirts this year so when fye reopened, I couldn't wait to check out their selection again. I had been thinking of picking up a Flash t-shirt and after watching Flashpoint Paradox numerous times, that encouraged me to nab one. Oh and in case you're wondering, Wally West is my favorite Flash.

I've never played either of the Portal games, but I thought the design of this tee looked awesome so I picked it up. I suppose I'll have to check the games out someday.

While I was in Wal-Mart finishing up shopping for my sister's birthday, I came across the Marvel and Deadpool tees for only $7.50 each. No way I was gonna pass those up. I'd seen a black Deadpool shirt at fye with a less damaged Deadpool logo but I really like the gray of this one. That and it was a lot cheaper.

Long have I heard about the greatness that is Carl Barks and his Donald Duck add Uncle Scrooge comics. They may have been made well before my time but from my understanding, Barks' works are timeless. I never imagined I'd get to check out Barks' original stories, but Fantagraphics Books is releasing the whole set under what they are calling The Complete Carl Barks Disney Library. Only a handful of these books are out right now and each one collects over 200 pages of duck comics in hardcover format and include extras like a plethora of story notes and comic covers. The collection well clock it at thirty books total so I predict that it will probably take some time for anyone looking to collect the whole set. The two books I picked up are The Old Castle's Secret and A Christmas for Shacktown.

Back in 2011, I picked up a lovely hardcover, my first Fantagraphics Book to me precise. It was called Mickey Mouse: Race to Death Valley, by Floyd Gottfredson. See, I'd known that Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge had comics but the Mouse having comics that date back to the 1930s? That was news to me. Given Mickey's immense popularity, I guess I shouldn't have been so surprised, but I really was. Mickey Mouse appeared in daily newspaper comics from 1930 to 1975. That's 45 years of Mouse comics! Race to Death Valley is the first book of the Floyd Gottfredson Library and with 45 years worth of comics, it's going to take quite a while before the whole library is finished. Like The Complete Carl Barks Disney Library, only a few books are out in the Floyd Gottfredson Library. What's available right now are Volumes 1-4 and Volumes 1-2 of the Color Sundays. Thus far, I have Volume 1 and Volume 2 and 4. Volume 2 is Trapped on Treasure Island and Volume 4 is House of the Seven Haunts. The reason I picked up Volume 4 before Volume 3 was an issue of price. Amazon had Volume 4 for $8.27 and Volume 2 for $12, each brand new. These hardcovers usually go for around $30 in book stores so that was an incredible bargain. Still, $20 for Volume 3, isn't too shabby and that will be the next book in this series that I pick up. Each of these books have a ton of bonus material in addition to the comics and these come highly recommended to anyone with even the slightest interest in Mickey Mouse or comics in general.

I picked up two sketch pads because I've been meaning to get back into drawing and the two in the above picture had really nice hardcovers, which was part of the reason I nabbed them. They were also quite cheap.

I've been playing DuckTales and listening to the music of DuckTales: Remeastered and that got me in the mood to pick up some DuckTales on DVD. I had the first two volumes but they ended up getting lost. It still kills me that Disney refuses to finish releasing most of their Disney Afternoon cartoons on DVD.

It really does pay to look through the bargain bins. A mist the junk, I found some real gems. I did not expect to find a case containing a code for DuckTales: Remastered. It also comes with a pin. Even though DuckTales: Remastered is a digital game, it will still be nice to have something to put on my shelf. And for $10, I can't really complain.

Also in the bargain bin was Zone of the Enders HD Collection. I know this isn't the best HD Collection out there but for $15, I wasn't gonna pass on the mech action. That and 2nd Runner is not easy to come by.

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