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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Why Mega Man 11 (Or any New Mega Man Game) Isn't a Good Idea Right Now

I'm probably going to take some heat for this one, but I feel it's something that needs to be said, or rather said once more. I touched on why I didn't think a new Mega Man should be excepted from Capcom a little over a month ago, but the constant whining from the fanbase has pushed me to a point that I feel I need to reiterate it, though much more strongly this time. So let me be frank: Mega Man 11 or any new Mega Man game is not something we should be hoping for at the moment.

The comments section on Proto Dude's Rockman Corner has become an unbearable headache to read. Whenever there's any Mega Man related news from either Capcom or Capcom Unity, it's met with what is now the usual round of gripping about how people don't care or all they want is a new Mega Man game. I've got a question for those fans: Why? Capcom did give us a Mega Man game back in 2012, Rockman Xover and it sucked. It doesn't matter that it was on iOS devices and not consoles, Xover was a pile of trash from Capcom, the very Capcom fans so desperately want a new Mega Man game from. Are these fans saying they want more craptastic Mega Man games? Because if Xover was so awful, why should I believe Capcom would do Mega Man 11 or any other new Mega Man game better?

Rockman Xover is what you get when you
have people making a Mega Man that
don't know how to do it.

Plenty of game companies are not what they once were, but few are as bad as Capcom currently is. They have an frightening man crush on downloadable content, they've run the Resident Evil series into the ground, they've snapped back to constant fighting game updates and many of their established franchises are sitting on the sidelines. There's also Capcom's financial situation to take into account. They currently only have $152 million in the bank. That may seem like a lot of money, but compare to other publishers, that's chump change. Their response to their money woes? Dish out even more DLC, causing fans across the globe to face palm.

I don't think the current minds at Capcom have the slightest idea on how to craft a good Mega Man game. Keiji Inafune is no longer with the company but he alone was not responsible for making Mega Man so great, especially sicne some titles he had little to no involvement in such as Mega Man X8. The last two good Mega Man games that we got from Capcom, Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 and those were actually developed by Inti Creates, the same developer responsible for the Mega Man Zero franchise. All of the Game Boy Mega Man titles were also outsourced to another company and most of them turned out to be quite good. WayForward developed DuckTales: Remastered, an old Capcom NES classic and we all know how awesome that game turned out. Giving the Mega Man franchise to another company does sound like the best option, but with Capcom's money problems, can they afford to do it? These are all things that seem to escape the irate fanbase that screams for a new Mega Man game each day. Yet, despite this, in spite of the company making one bad decision after another, fans still want a Mega Man game from a company that can't do hardly any good right now.

Let's say Capcom does decide to go ahead an make a new Mega Man game in it's current state. Half the fans are stoked while the other have say it will be canceled. But the game releases and it ends up being terrible. Fans make sure everyone and their grandmother knows that the game is awful and wonders why Capcom would put out such a terrible product. The last thing this fanbase needs is something else to complain about.

Are fans in such dire need for a Mega Man game that comes from Capcom in some form that they don't care that the production vales of the title will in all likelihood be poor? If so, that scares me. I can't see how getting a bad Mega Man game just to have another game about the Blue Bomber would be doing fans any favors. Instead of bemoaning the fact that Mega Man seems to be grounded, I think the fandom should look on the bright side. The Archie Mega Man comic is awesome. Mega Man is finally in Super Smash Bros. A new Mega Man game isn't coming but with Capcom's current state, is that really a bad thing? If you stop and consider what's it done to it's other franchsies, I don't think so. The company can either get it together or give the property to a developer that can do it justice because right now, I don't think Capcom should be anywhere near a Mega Man game.

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