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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Latest Purchases #59

So a new store called five below opened in the same store section of fye and Barns & Nobles. As the name suggests everything in the store is priced at $5 or below. They've got a lot of great stuff in there and that's where the bulk of my haul came from.

I usually end up paying $17 or more for themed t-shirts, but I got each of these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tees for $5 each. I don't think I've had a TMNT shirt since I was a lad. The black one feels like it was lifted straight from the NES title screen from the first TMNT game. five and below has a great selection of tees, all for $5 so I'll definitely be heading back there next week when I get paid.

Toy Story, one of the greatest computer animated films ever. I've been meaning to pick up the entire series on the Blu-Ray/DVD combo packs but price has been a factor in preventing me from doing so. But getting the Blu-Ray/DVD special edition for $5? How can I say no to that?

Another month, another issue of Retro Gamer. Highlights for Load 120 include the best 25 gaming icons. You'll never guess who topped the list. Spoiler: it's Mario.

Speaking of Mario, he's graced an energy drink called Power-Up and Pac-Man is on his own energy drink as well. I've never been into energy drinks, but these were too cool to pass up. I may give them a try sometime, but I got them mostly for decoration purposes. Now if only we could get the Mega Man E-Tank energy drink here in the states.


Chalgyr Vokel said...

Ah... 5 Below. My wife loves that place. There was one in her home town for a couple of years, but now there's one in ours. Much Christmas and birthday shopping to be had there. I definitely dig the TMNT pick ups.

We got my son a really cool Black Ops II poster there last year. It was of the cover art, but the guy was in fact zombified instead. He loves zombies mode in those games, so he thought that was very cool. :)

Reggie White Jr. said...

From my one trip to the store, I already love five below. I did scope out their poser selection and found some that I'll be taking home in due time. That place is gonna make Christmas shopping a breeze. =)