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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Latest Purchases #61

I could be cheating on this one since I bought all of the things in this post weeks ago, but that's still fairly recent, so I suppose it counts.

The Super NES Book by Retro Game is actually two books in one. On the other side reads The Genesis Book or Mega Drive Book when you open it up since the system went under it's original Japanese title in Europe and Retro Gamer is a UK based magazine. The Super NES/Genesis Book is a compilation of features from the pages of various issues of Retro Gamer. Well, I think most are from different issues because I have the issue where the 20th anniversary Sonic the Hedgehog was featured. Most of the contents of this book, however, are new to me. I've never read their Complete History of Mario feature or the Making of Toejam & Earl. Not a bad way to spend $20 and in my opinion, a must of the SNES/Genesis lover.

The latest issues of Retro Gamer pays tribute to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. This year marks the games 10th anniversary and the game has the honor of being the first game Nintendo has re-released in HD. Other things to note in this issue include an interview with Smooth McGroove (type his name in YouTube and prepared to be amazed if you've somehow missed this guy's amazing vocal talents), a retrospective on the Fairchild Channel F, and the Bluffer's Guide to RPGs.

The RC Mario Kart Wii car is something I've had my eye on for a while now. I first saw it at Barns & Nobles for $24.99 along with a one of Yoshi. When I was looking in K-Mart for a gift for the toy drive for my job, I saw these for $19.99 and they had two left, both of Mario So, I bought one as a gift and another for myself.

I can't seem to get enough Mario Kart toys. Next to plushies and Sonic figures, I think Mario Kart stuff may be my favorite game-related toys to buy. These Tomy Gacha pull back Mario Kart 7 racers were originally in capsules, leaving you wondering which one you got until you opened it up. At five and below I was able to nab Koopa Troopa and Toad for $5 each. I'm fairly certain you can get these in a full set, but all I'm missing is Mario, Luigi and Peach. Maybe I'll grab a few more when payday arrives.

Nickelodeons Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles actually turned out to be a really good show. I really like the design of the turtles so when I saw the figures, I had to pick up at least one to get me started. I went with Leonardo because he's my favorite turtle and because he was also the very first turtle toy I owned as a kid when the 1987 cartoon show came out. I'm leaning toward's picking up Donatello next. 

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