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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Life and Times in Gamerock Entry 6

Since paying off my house I've been able to pour even more money into public works projects. I haven't hit the limit on what I can do just yet, but I have torn down some of the ones I feel I could do without such as the yield sign. Mitzi suggested a fairy tale clock and since she's one of my favorite town residents, I happy obliged her.

After putting up a blue and yellow bench, I almost went for the fairy tale bench next to the same type of clock, but I opted for the log bench, which sets next to the Reset Center and Re-Tail in front of a field of flowers. It's a nice spot to sit and have a cup of coffee.

I said my goodbyes to Flora. She certainly isn't the first resident to leave Gamerock, but I was a bit sad to see her go. She was kind enough to write me a letter and enclose a lovely gift: a picture so I'll always be able to think back on all the good times we had together.

Flora wasn't the only one to pack up and head out. I also bid a fond farewell to Rocco, who reminded me so much of Peewee, a resident I knew in the original Animal Crossing. I was good friends with Rocco so like Flora, the final letter he sent me came enclosed with a picture.

It seems I've found myself waving goodbye to those that once called Gamerock home, but I'm often saying hello to new townsfolk. Rocket and Klaus have made themselves right at home and have quickly become some of my favorites. Rocket has attempted to move out twice but I've adverted each move. I have no intention of letting Klaus go anywhere either.

Animals aren't the only new faces coming into Gamerock. The town finally has another human resident in Fenna. I thought it'd be interesting to have another file going on and that it would be even more interesting of the second character were female. I wasn't feeling Fenna's initial hairstyle so as soon as I was able, I went to hairdresser and fixed her right up.

I'm like, 1 foot away from you. Tone down
the volume.

I managed to pass four of Gracie's fashion checks and that was enough to convince her to set up shop in my town on main street. Many of the items are pretty expensive with the clothing being the cheapest stuff you can pick up, if you want to call 8000 bells for a dress cheap. Still, Gracie does offer a nice selection. I could do without her sass, however.

And heeeee's outta here!!!

One resident I was extactic to see leave was Al. I never liked him and did everything I could to get him to go. Hit him with the net and hammer, but alas, he just wouldn't take a hint. So I decided to just stop talking to him. I guess that along with Fenna moving in and not saying jack to him made Al wake up and realize he wasn't wanted in town. Now if only Newton would take a hike.

Portia was super awesome to me on my birthday months ago, so I thought I'd return the favor and celebrate her birthday with her. I even splurged on a gift for her and got her a sweets player at Gracie's.

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