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Friday, November 15, 2013

Mega Man Remade

The soundtrack of the original Mega Man made it into the first part of my Essential NES Soundtracks feature and I still stand by it being a noteworthy score. RushJet1 must have thought so as well or at the least, thought it could be improved upon because he gave it the same VRC6 treatment that he gave Mega Man 3 and with that, we have the album Mega Man Remade.

Like Mega Man 3 Remade before it, Mega Man Remade takes advantage of the extra sound channels that the VRC6 chip provides, allowing for enhanced audio. The result is a soundtrack that feels familiar but new at the same time. I especially like what RushJet1 did with Ice Man's theme, giving it an even faster pace.

The soundtrack also takes plenty of cues from Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge on the Game Boy. As the original NES Mega Man game had no title theme, RushJet 1 decided to use the Title music from the former game. Cut Man and Elec Man also take a few audio cues from Dr. Wily's Revenge as does the Boss theme and Dr. Wily Stage 4 and the Boss Gauntlet with the final four Robot Masters, which is a sick cover of Dr. Wily Stage 2.

Mega Man Remade offers 24 tracks of VRC6 Mega Man goodness all at a name your price download. So you can donate or get it for free. Here's to hoping RushJet1 covers the entire Classic Mega Man series in VRC6 format. I'm loving what I've heard thus far.

Mega Man Remade

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Chris Clash said...

It's great ! I hope he's gonna do Megaman 6, it has my favourite Megaman soundtrack.