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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

5 of the Most Aggravating Gamer Types

Every medium has its share of bad eggs and gaming is certainly no different. However, thanks to the power of the internet, their presence is well known, no matter how much we may wish it wasn't. These types of gamers wouldn't be so bad if they weren't so vocal, but when you give someone who loves to raise their voice a megaphone, I guess screaming is all you can expect.

The Hardcore Gamer

Ah, the hardcore gamer, the passionate, dedicated type that does much contributing to help keep the industry alive. Let me say, that is very much appreciated. Probably has more games than he or she could possibly has time to play. Hey, there's nothing wrong with really getting into your hobby. This very blog wouldn't be here if I didn't feel as strongly as I do about gaming. But when you start belittling others just because they aren't into gaming as much as you are, Houston, we have a serious problem.

The hardcore gamer is one that takes great pride in the hobby to the point of thinking that the class they are a part of is one far above everyone else. In the mind of the hardcore, gaming is for them and them alone. Those awful casual gamers have no place in gaming and are mucking things up for the true gamers. Casuals will be the death of gaming! They all must die! *Sigh* I love this hobby as much as the next person but the hardcore gamer can be one of, if not the biggest embarrassment to the medium. You need only scroll down into a comments section of an article or review to get a sampling of why the gaming industry gets the ridicule that it does. With so much of the hardcore crowd behaving like unsupervised brats, you're better off just calling yourself a gamer and being done with them.

The Nintendo Hater

Once upon a time, Nintendo was a much loved company. These days? Well, The Big N is still liked but there are so many gamers wishing for the death of the company that you'd think Nintendo murdered their first born.

Hating Nintendo has been popular for a long time but it really blew up during the Wii era. An SD system in the HD age, motion controls, and a heavy focous on casual gamers. Many believe Nintendo had no right to win the previous console generation due to the aforementioned things, however, that doesn't change the fact that they did.

Now you have Nintendo haters rejoicing over the lackluster Wii U sales, as if they were suffering a nasty case of butthurt from the Wii outselling the PS3. Right now the Wii U has the better selection of games to choose from on the next generation of consoles. Of course the haters will tell you that LEGO City Undercover, Super Mario 3D World, The Wonderful 101 and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze all suck because these games are on a Nintendo console, are kiddy and not rated M or some other reason that was more than likely pulled out of their rectum.

I will fully admit that Nintendo is far from perfect. They can be quite old fashioned and really set in their ways. The Wii U's sluggish sales are the company's own fault due to their lack of good advertisement. But the gaming industry would be a much poorer place without them. Besides, with an outstanding handheld like the 3DS, why should anyone loath Nintendo? Oh, right. Because everyone else is doing it, and they aren't doing things like Sony and Microsoft.

The Sonic Fanbase

There's being passionate about something you enjoy and then there's acting like a raving lunatic. No doubt you already know which of those two categories the less logical side of this fanbase falls into.

Whenever a change is implemented to Sonic and company that isn't like the days of old, no matter how big or small, the Sonic fanbase will absolutely lose their sanity, raging to the point where all the anger management help in the world will do nothing to fix their disposition. If you happen to be within range of a fan like this when news of the next Sonic game hits the net, you might wanna take cover, lest you get hit by a flipped table or some other form of projectile.

The Sonic fanbase is the very reason the trope unpleasable fanbase was coined. Nothing, and I mean nothing seems to appease these people and the slightest change to a character's appearance will set them off like a rocket. Do you know how many fans honestly believe Sonic is now ruined because he has blue arms in Sonic Boom? For these people giving a hedgehog that was already blue for the last 23 plus years blue arms is the end of the world. I guess it's a good thing Sonic's eyes went green in 1998 rather than in 2014 or else Sonic fans would really be on the warpath. Oh wait, that didn't stop them from whining when Sonic kept his green eyes for Sonic the Hedgehog 4. Never mind, then.

Much of the hate the Sonic fanbase holds is towards the modern era of Sonic games, and a lot of it is undeserved. All it took was one game, Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, and Sonic could do nothing right in eyes of many. Because of Sonic '06, many mondern Sonic games are viewed as rubbish. True, Sonic '06 was a train wreck of a game, full of glitches and poorly executed ideas but to dismiss all modern era Sonic games and crap on greats like Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations is just ludicrous.

If Sonic fans are not happy, they want everyone in the entire planet, nay, the entire solar system to know about it. I find it more than a little frightening that a group of angry gamers can get that vocal about a blue hedgehog in shoes.

The Console War Gamer

This is the gamer that screams loud and proud that his or her precious system is number one and everything else is inferior. Any system they do not own must be put down in order to justify their console of choice. These gamers twist the facts to suit their needs and will even go so far as to say that superb titles are garbage simply because they are not on the system they went with. There are actually message boards for these trolls to associate with, but why anyone would want to be bothered with these kinds of narrow minded, irrational jerks is beyond me.

The Stop Having Fun Gamer

What's the whole point of playing a game? Why, to have fun, of course! But if you aren't playing a game a specific way, you aren't playing it correctly. Meet the stop having fun type, a gamer that can only have a good time when a playing a game one way: theirs.

Playing Castlevania: Rondo of Blood with Maria and not Richter? YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG! The only way to truly experience Rondo of Blood and get a challenge out of the game is by playing with Richter and all his stiff controls. Maria makes the game too easy with her animal buddies, sliding and double jump.

Mario Kart sucks because of all the items. Snaking is the true way to enjoy a Mario Kart game. If you're not snaking, we don't want to play Mario Kart with you.

Super Smash Bros with items? BORING! Turn the items off and only play on Final Destination so we can make Smash like every other fighter out there. Oh and only use Fox.

Who died and appointed these clowns the figure heads to tell me how I should play my games? If you wanna strip things down and only play under certain conditions, fine, but don't go preaching that crap like it's the gospel. These fools are the reason I don't go to the Smash Dojo and have backed away from the competitive fighting community. The elitist stench these guys carry is absolutely foul.


Adam said...

I actually had the Sonic book where the no fun thing comes from.

Also the anti-Nintendo thing was big back in the Gamecube days. Had a friend's day tell me the system was for little girls.

Tom Badguy said...

I have to admit, I'm a Nintendo Hater. But in my defense, I've been hating Nintendo since the Gamecube. It will never be like the SNES days.

Reggie White Jr. said...

Things change, Tom. Not a single game company is the way it was when it first began.

Stevo said...

This article perfectly sums up my thoughts.

I think the fanboy/girl, or "Console War Gamer", as you describe it, can be the most annoying, simply because their arguments turn from weak to stupid quite easily.

Chris Clash said...

One thing that annoys me too : people who think it is against the law of nature to use cheat devices. If you think about it, it is not unlike all those people who want to rule over what you do in your bedroom. Mind your own business, folks, the way I play my games has absolutely no impact in your life !