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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Batman 75th Anniversary Animated Shorts

It has recently come to my attention that Batman is turning 75 years old this year. I knew the Dark Knight was getting on in years, but it was still a bit of shock to learn that nearly 100 years have passed since Detective Comics #27 was printed. As part of this milestone celebration, DC and Warner Bros. have put together two animated shorts for your viewing pleasure.

"Batman Beyond" is a short by Darwyn Cooke and is very faithful to the art style of the Emmy winning series. In this short, Terry goes up against one of the toughest foes he could face: a duplicate of Batman in his prime. Not only is this short great for revisiting the world of Batman Beyond, but it also features the voice talents of Will Friedle and Keven Conroy. The end of this short is the absolute BEST and reminds me of one of my favorite episodes from Batman Beyond, Out of the Past. I won't spoil this short for you. Just go watch it.

"Batman: Strange Days" pits Batman against Dr. Hugo Strange and Solomon Grundy to save a distressed damsel. This short is by Bruce Timm, is in black and white and uses the original Bob Kane Batman design. Very film noir. Very awesome.

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Adam said...

I heard about the batman beyond clip but haven't seen it yet