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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Latest Purchases #69

Last week, Target had a buy two games get one free deal going on. I picked up Grand Theft Auto V on the 360 for a friend at work and got myself Yoshi's New Island and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds at a clerk's recommendation. The freebie game ended up being A Link Between Worlds, a game I had planned to get on release date, but stuff came up. Since I'm currently playing Kid Icarus: Uprising and Code of Princess, I don't plan to start A Link Between Worlds yet, but Yoshi's New Island is one I plan on starting up tonight.

LittleBig Planet 2 was on sale for $14.99 at Target. The original asking price was $19.99 and since their copies were dwindling, it seemed like a good time to snatch it up. So now it sits on my shelf right next to the first game, unopened.

The LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Batman Tumbler was a last minute pick up. I literally grab this while I was waiting to check out at target. The Dark Knight Trilogy Batman is big and bulky, but I quite like it. And for less than $5 how could I not pick this up?

I'm really late to The Avengers movie party. I gave my parents the vanilla DVD release and never got around to borrowing it to give it a watch. the Blu-Ray + DVD combo pack was on sale for $20 at fye and I had no idea how long said price tag was gonna stay on there. I've heard so many good things about this movie but I have not seen the Iron Man sequels, the or the Thor films, so I'm hoping that won't take anything away from this film. I'm also just about done watching the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes on Netflix, so that may have influenced my decision to finally pick this up. It's a really, really great animated series, by the way.

With The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hitting theaters in May and looking like its going to be a spectacular film, I really should be giving the original movie a look. I'm still not crazy about that costume they put on Spidey in the this film, but I have far greater interest to see this flick than I do Man of Steel. I had to to do some looking around to find the Blu-Ray + DVD combo pack. fye didn't have it and I saw no point in picking up the DVD version when I could pick up the combo pack with a ton of extra content. Fortunately, target had the combo pack on sale for $15.

I'm showing Link a lot of love late. Not only did I get his latest game, but I got not one, but two, two t-shirts to pimp him out on. I especially like the one on the right. There were some green shirts with the Skyward Sword Triforce design, but I think these have way more personality to them. Say what you will about fye, but they have one of the greatest selections of t-shirts I've ever seen.

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