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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Latest Purchases #71

This is one long overdue post so I'm just gonna dive right into it.

Kirby Triple Deluxe is a game I picked up while doing some Father's Day shopping. Being one of the few new first party 3DS releases that isn't priced at $40 and being a big fan of Kirby, I just had to add this to my library.

Mario Kart 8. I had to do some searching to find a copy of this game. With over 1.2 million copies sold worldwide, Mario Kart 8 is the fastest selling Wii U game.

While looking for Mario Kart 8, I managed to come across the Metroid Prime Trilogy. I had a chance to pick up this set new back in 2010, but I passed it up and have since had a hard time tracking it down. GameStop actually had several copies of this baby in, much to my surprise.

As you may or may not know, this year is the 75th anniversary of Batman and I'm doing some celebrating by adding some Batman Blu-Rays to the my collection. I already have parts 1 and 2 of The Dark Knight Returns, with part one being on DVD and part two being the Blu-Ray combo pack. Why Warner Bros. didn't just make The Dark Knight Returns into a full movie at first, I do not know. I ended up paying less for this Deluxe Edition, which was on sale, than I did for both movies when they were stand alone releases. It really does pay to wait.

I haven't read the graphic novel Son of Batman is based off of, and from what I've heard, Damian Wayne isn't a character I think I'd like, but this still sounds like it could be an interesting Batman flick all the same.

My first DBZ lanyard and a Super Saiyan Goku one, no less. I don't actually put my keys on any of the lanyards I've bought, mostly because they don't seem as durable as the sports variety I've seen in stores, but I like the designs on the ones I've picked up thus far. Maybe one day, I'll stick my keys on them, but for now, they do make some nice room ornaments.

I've never played Minecraft but I'm very much aware of the massive fan following that it has. I was in the market for some new gaming related hoodies and this puppy was on sale at fye for $15.

Yes, that is a Kame shirt and is the first orange t-shirt I've owned since I was a kid. I'm not planning on doing any cosplaying but as a huge DBZ fan, this was too good to pass up. It'll be hard to resist shouting "KA-ME-HA-ME-HA" whenever I wear this thing.


Anonymous said...

Just so you know, the Gamestop copies of Metroid Prime Trilogy are reprints (or resourced, I think they called it) not "legit" copies from the original release. If you just want to play the game it doesn't matter, but if you care about collectible aspects, it may bother some people. The original version came in a steelbook, while this comes in a regular case, easiest way to tell. But that's why GS has so many copies anyway.

Tom Badguy said...

I never knew about the Son of Batman animated movie. I'm assuming it's based off the Grant Morrison graphic novel, Batman & Son, which is pretty good.

Voltech said...

I'm not surprised to hear that you had trouble finding Mario Kart 8 -- news broke pretty recently that it's passed the 2 million mark in sales. People are super-excited to get their hands on Luigi Death Stare Simulator 2014, I suppose.

Well, here's hoping that the game is everything you wanted and more. It is for me, at least -- even if one random banana has the unfortunate consequence of sending me from first to ninth place on the last lap.

Ah, what wonderful luck I have.