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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Latest Purchases #77

Another post that should have went up back in December. What can I say, it was a busy month, and I worked. A LOT. Anyway, here's the last things I bought in 2014.

While shopping some Christmas shopping, I came across something very unexpected. A World of Nintendo Cat Suit Luigi. I thought I'd seen all of the plushies in this line of toys, but evidently, I have not. This was the very last one in Wallgreens and I was not about to let someone else give him home. I really need to see just how expansive this toy line is.

Wario Time! I guess Wario is another one of those hard-to-find World of Nintendo toys that isn't a soft toy because I've never seen him in stores until a few weeks ago. Target had about three Wario's left  and on sale so I had to grab one up. I'm honestly a little surprised at how big he is, too. I mean, he's nothing compared to the WON Donkey Kong, but he's got some mass to him.

The WON Wind Waker Link is very similar to the Toon Link I purchased at GameStop back in 2011, with some key differences. His coloring is lighter and his sword is very, very flimsy. When I saw WON Toon Link months ago, I decided to not purchase him due to already owning a similar Toon Link but since Toon Link is my favorite incarnation of the character, I decided to buy him. Gotta admit, I do like his lighter colors.

This Skyward Sword beanie is something I picked up at fye. It was on sale for $10, pretty good considering the original price was $17.99. Plain old beanies keep my head warm, but decorative beanies keep my head warm and have the added bonus of having people that pass me say "Hey, nice beanie."

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