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Monday, February 2, 2015

Latest Purchases #78

Ah, 3-in-1 Dragon Ball manga an easy, affordable way to check out the series. I personally think 3-in-1 that collects DB vol. 16-18 should have had Radtiz on the cover to better signify the shift to the Z portion of the series, but Goku vs. Piccolo does take up more page count than the Raditz fight. At least we've got Vegeta on 3-in-1 that collects vols. 19-21. The fight between Goku and Vegeta began at the end of volume 19 and spanned all of volume 20.

I've grown very accustomed to playing Super Smash Bros. for Wii U on the GamePad but the possiblities that I may have enough people on hand to play 8 Player Smash is just too good to ignore. I'm well aware that many prefer to Smash on the GameCube controller. It was my controller of choice when I played Brawl. After doing a bit of research, I decided to go with the Hori brand GameCube controller, which feels great. I had forgotten what it feels like to play Smash with a GameCube controller and after spening ample time with this baby, I know I'll be picking up three more. I also saw the Amazon had some Nintendo brand GameCube controllers in stock and at reasonable prices. To my surprise, I got a Japanese version, which I don't think will differ much from the American version. I suppose I could bust out the GameCube and see if it works since you can use Nintendo brand GameCube controllers on the GNC, as well as the Wii, which saves me the trouble of ever needing to bother with tracking down more GNC made pads.

The last physical copy of a game I picked up was Smash on the Wii U.Ultimate NES Remix is one of those 3DS games that costs $30 so that made picking it up a little easier. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call apparently has not been doing so hot in terms of sales, which could be the reason why I saw it in Target for $30. I adored the original Theatrhythm and I understand this one brings a whole lot more to the table. While I'm a bit bummed to hear it isn't performing well at retail, I'm always happy to snag a game on the cheap.

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