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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Latest Purchases #79

I've missed the last few issues of Retro Gamer, I'm sorry to say. The price has regrettably gone up, but the magazine remains one of my favorite printed books to read. Yeah, my backlog on Retro Gamer is insane (lost count of how many issues I'm behind on) but when I do read an article in this mag, it never fails to be enjoyable or informative. There's a nice article celebrating the PlayStation's 20th anniversary, which was last year for the five of you that didn't know. I suppose I should toss up my own PS 20th anniversary article as well since all the cool kids are doing it.

Currently, Mega Man is adapting the story line of Mega Man 3, my favorite Mega Man game. I've already got all four issues of Legend of the Blue Bomber, which covered all of Rock's fights with the initial eight Robot Masters from Mega Man 3. In this issue Wily steals Gamma and Rock gets ready for a big showdown with Break Man. I'd like to jump right into this issue but I have a ton of catching up to do. I never read the Ra Moon story (I'm even missing an issue in that arc) or the follow up issues, and I completely missed out on the Dawn of X arc. I may just have to spring for some trades.

Yet another Dragon Ball manga, this time a Viz Big edition. This is the fifth volume that collects volumes 13-16 of the Dragon Ball story arc. Unlike the 3-on-1 books, these are printed on high quality paper with a sturdier cover. There's even a few color chapters. I suppose I should have started collecting Viz's Big Edition of DB with volume 1, but this was the only one Barns & Nobles had. Some day I'm going to make a blog post about the different Dragon Ball manga.

Super Saiyan Goku is my very first Pop vinyl figure. I've been seeing these things around and I've been wanting to start buying certain sets like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle set and those from Wall-E. This was fye's only Super Saiyan Goku and I gotta say, these things feel much lighter than I thought they would be. I've got my eye on a Perfect Cell that just arrived at the store.

I thought $30 was a bit much for Nintendo Land so being able to cop it for $13.99 at GameStop is a much better deal. I played some of the attractions on Christmas day with my nieces and nephew when they got their Wii U. I may not invest as much time in Nintendo Land as I have Mario Kart 8 or Super Smash Bros., but I do find the idea of behind Nintendo Land to be quite intriguing.

Zombi U got so much hate from the press. I hear this is one of the best Wii U games to use the Game Pad and it sounds like the kind of zombie game that I can get into that doesn't have horrid tank controls. Maybe I'll play this one with all the lights out. Maybe.

As the date drew closer and closer for this release, the hype took hold of me and I ended up walking out with fye's last copy of Majora's Mask 3D. I never really did play my N64 copy or my digital copy on my Wii. The time limit was felt like a noose around my neck but watching SomeCallMeJohnny's review of the game has me willing to give this one another shot.

I guess it was only a matter of time before I picked up a Pokemon plush. In truth, I bought Pikachu just because I thought I should own some merch of the most famous Pokemon. I really didn't appreciate this thing until I got it home. This is an extremely well-made Pikachu plush, It's soft, huggable and disgustingly cute. I actually wanna hug this thing.

$60 is a lot of cash to spend on a game so when I see one going for $40 and a Nintendo first party title, no less, my eyes grow wide in anticipation. I was already planning to grab Kirby and the Rainbow Curse but the price tag made buying it on launch day a lot easier to do. This is a fun, adorable, and surprisingly difficult Kirby game. More on this one in an upcoming Currently Playing post.

I was jealous of everyone playing Hyrule Warriors back on launch day in September but I just couldn't afford it. This is another one of those $60 games. And I didn't have to pay a dime for it because I won an award from my job. I got a $100 gift certificate to spend at the place of my choosing and since Beats headphones cost way too much, I went to and picked up Hyrule Warriors. I'm thinking of starting this one on Sunday, my next off day but I've already got so much on my plate so I may hold off.

Super Mario 3D World isn't a latest purchase, but the little Cat Mario next to the game is. I went to my Wallgreens for a snack run last night and I thought I'd take a peek down the toy isle. Inside the Super Mario red plush box is a World of Nintendo Cat Luigi and Cat Mario. I already picked up a Cat Luigi a while back but Cat Mario was new to me. He was the only one there and I certainly wasn't gonna let someone else walk out with him. If there's one a World of Nintendo plushies for the rest of the Super Mario 3D World in Cat form, I must have them.

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