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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mega Man 4 Remade

RushJet1 is at it again. Having arranged the NES versions of Mega Man 1-3 and the GB version of Mega Man II, we now have Mega Man 4 Remade, which is, like the previous four albums, a chiptune arrangement of Mega Man 4's music. Man, that cover is awesome!

Despite Mega Man 4 using a sound font that makes the quality sound tinier compared to other games on the NES, it still houses some of my favorite Mega Man tracks so I was pleased to see RushJet give it the same treatment that he has his other Remade alums. While the bulk of the music of this game is based off the NES version of Mega Man 4, Mega Man IV on the GB also gets some much deserved appreciation here. The sick arrangement of MMIV's boss theme is included alongside that of MM4, making for a pulse pounding boss jam. Dr. Cossack Stage 1 and 2 have two separate arranged tracks and Mega Man Killer No. 3, Ballade has his theme arranged as Dr. Wily Stage 4. Sadly, that killer Dr. Wily Stage Boss from MMIV didn't make it in, but I guess you can't have everything.

Mega Man 4 Remade is available digitally as a name your price download or you can pay $10 for a physical copy. With album art like that, who wouldn't want to own a physical release of this baby? Dr. Cossack and the squad are looking on point.

Mega Man 4 Remade

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