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Thursday, September 1, 2016

But For Me, It Was Tueday

Have you ever found yourself laughing at a scene in a movie that wasn't intended to be funny? Perhaps its the way the lines are delivered from the actors and actresses or whatever horrible thing befalls the characters on screen. Or maybe its just the sadist in all of us stirring.

One of my favorite scenes in the original Final Destination is the death of  Terry, Carter's girlfriend. I could describe the scene in detail, but YouTube has saved me the trouble and well, it really is one of those things that you've just got to see if you haven't.

Horrific thing to befall anyone? Yes. Funny? Oh, yes! When I first saw this movie back in 2000, I didn't see it coming. Even though I know what will happen now, I still find it hilarious. A good portion of comedy comes from tragedy, the misfortune of others. How many times have you watched a Let's Play of the Game Grumps, Dashie Games or whoever your favorite YouTube Let's Player is and found yourself doubling over in laughter over their repeated failures? Answer: A lot.

In 1994, the live action Street Fighter movie was released in theaters. The general opinion is that this is an awful movie. But Street Fighter is so bad it's good. This is one of those movies that I'd would own so I can watch to laugh at how freaking terrible it is. It was Raul Jualia's last movie before he passed away and he really hammed it up as everyone's favorite dictator, M. Bison. Where he's saying "OF COURSE!" or "GAME OVER!" he gave some of the best cheese in cinema with this performance. He also gave us one of the most famous and memorable responses to "You killed my parents" in any medium.

Well dang, son.

Two things make this scene work so well. M. Bison's callous delivery of the line and Chun-Li's reaction to the fact that he has no memory of the event that was so life changing for her. For him, it was just another day of villainy and why he could have given her a no word reply, the one he does give her is a freaking hilarious way of saying that he could not care less about it. This scene was one of the best things that came out of the Street Fighter movie,

There was a animated Street Fighter series that ran for two seasons, based off of the 1994 movie. It sucked but it also gave us some Bison moments that were equally as good as the ones in the movie. Once again Chun-Li confronts Bison about the death of her father. Annnnnnd Bison serves up another great reply.

Dude. M. Bison is a "You killed my father" comeback machine!

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