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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

"We Hate These Games That Aren't Even Out Yet!" - Irate Fans

When the trailer for Metroid Prime: Federation Force hit YouTube a year ago, I was honestly in disbelief at the number of dislike and fans that were going above and beyond to let their hate for the game be known. Call me crazy, but I honestly didn't see the harm in the cutesy looking soldiers and radically different art style this game was taking. It was, after all, a spin off title. Metroid Prime Pinball was also a spin off and it hardly killed the Prime series. Nevertheless, fans were in a uproar because Federation Force was not the Metroid game they wanted. There was even a petition on to get the game canceled in favor of  ahem "real" Metroid game. History has once again repeated itself with the trailers for Pikmin 3DS and Paper Mario: Color Splash being met with overwhelming negativity. 

I never even gave much, if any thought to a Pikmin game on the 3DS, so I'm a little taken back to find out that one was in the works all this time. But why fans are so butt hurt that Pikmin 3DS is a side scrolling platformer and not the traditional RTS games that the first three console versions have been truly mystifies me. The 3DS is a powerful machine but not powerful enough to manage a Pikmin game in the same manner as the console games. Besides, Pikmin 4 is already in development for the NX, so I don't see why Pikmin fans have their pitch forks raised. 

Game isn't even out and it already sucks. Why?
Because it isn't like The Thousand Year Door. SMH.

Fans have been dissatisfied with the Paper Mario games for years now. Super Paper Mario didn't get the same reception the original Paper Mario or it's greatly improved sequel, The Thousand Year Door enjoyed, but most fans pretty much agree that Sticker Star is the Anti-Christ of the series. Shigeru Miyamoto had Intelligent Systems do away with the partner System of the previous games, drastically turning Sticker Star into something else entirely. So the Trailer for Color Splash, which revealed that the game is once again, not like The Thousand Year Door, has fans up in arms.

The trailer for Color Splash, honestly looks fun. But most fans are so caught up with "IT ISN'T LIKE THOUSAND YEAR DOOR, BOOOOOO!!!" Should every Paper Mario game be exactly like that game or close enough to it?  For crying out loud, the game isn't even out yet, and it has already been labeled as trash because it isn't like everyone's favorite Paper Mario game. 

As was the case with Federation Force, Color Splash as well as Pikmin 3DS have ridiculous petitions on for the games to be scrapped in favor of proper games in the series. Just stop. Stop with these useless petitions and stop embarrassing yourselves. The petition didn't work for Federation Force and the game was not the disaster so many made it out to before they even played it. You don't want these games? Fine. Don't buy them. It's called voting with your wallet. But despising a game that hasn't even been released just because it isn't exactly what you want is just dumb. 


DS90Gamer said...

My personal opinion of the Paper Mario games is that they have definitely declined in quality over the years. Super PM was still a mega game and one of my Wii favourites but Sticker Star had problems, mostly just to do with the mechanics i.e. not being able to progress without the right stickers. I think the thing that killed it was not the loss of the partner system but more the fact that Miyamoto had a hand in doing away with the Paper Mario-specific characters that define this sub-series. What we were left with were just the regular old Mario characters that could appear in any Mario title.

That said, I still completed it and enjoyed it but it was more a 7/10 game not a 9 or 10 like the previous. I'll still be getting Colour Splash for sure because it's Paper Mario. I'll reserve judgement until I've played it.

GameOverYeah said...

Look at the backlash over Wind Waker when screenshots first appeared. Now rated as one of the best Zelda games and people were lapping up the HD version.

Basically people are idiots.