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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Favorite Tunes #165: Battle Against a True Hero

Due to my work schedule being switched around and it being the Thanks Giving weekend last week, I decided to take a one week break from the blog. Welp, breaks over and time to head back to work. On the blog, that is. Enjoy the latest Favorite Tunes.

Gau - Final Fantasy VI (SNES)

Despite Gau's feral, beastly appearance lurks a kind, gentle soul, which is pretty amazing when you consider that his father abandon him, leaving Gau to grow up alone and fend for himself out on the Veldt. Even when Gau gets to meet his father years later, he isn't angry or bitter with him even though he has every right to be.

Quiet Storm - Racing Lagoon (PS)

We move from one Square Enix game to another. Racing Lagoon brought in some RPG elements into the racing genre and the game never saw a release outside of Japan. The soundtrack has a lot of techno with some jazz thrown in for good measure.

A Solitude that Asks Nothing in Return - Guilty Gear X (ARC, DC, PS2)

For me, the Guilty Gear games have some of slickest 2D sprites in a fighting game. It also helps that the series has a killer fighting engine and while some of the character designs are pretty out there, I feel they ultimately work to the series' favor. And who doesn't like the plethora of sick rock and metal beats that these games keep feeding us?

Battle Against a True Hero - Undertale (PC)

Well, would you look at that, Undertale shows up again in Favorite Tunes. What can I say, I LOVE this game's soundtrack. For the rock, chiptune and orchestral lover, this game's music has something for everyone and it feels like a love letter to the evolution of game music. Without spoiling anything, this particular battle theme is reserved one one of the game's most memorable clashes.

Multiplayer - Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team (PSP)

Most fans that watched the Dragon Ball Z in Japanese are quite harsh towards Bruce Faulconer's rock music in place of Shunsuke Kikuchi's classical style. Ironically, music in many DBZ games beyond the 32-bit era are filled with a lot of rock and metal themes. Originally in Tenkaichi Tage Team, this song is also played on Namek in the HD version of DBZ Budokai 3.

Break Out - Mega Man Zero 3 (GBA)

If you're trying to get the best rank after a mission, the Mega Man Zero games just became even harder. Known for not treating the player with kid gloves, the Zero games have a step difficulty that rivals the most brutal Mega Man games. These games were developed Inti Creates, who also developed Mega Man 9 and 10, the former, of which was particularly cruel. Think about that while you listen to this rocking intro stage theme.

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