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Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Salt Over The (6.6.2017) Pokemon Direct

Nintendo had another one of their Directs, the latest one centering around the massively popular Pokemon franchise. Pokemon Sun/Moon are getting updated releases in the form of Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, Pokken Tournament DX, an updated version of Pokken Tournament from the Wii U with DLC characters and generation 2 of Pokemon, Gold and Silver will get released later this year. But no love for the superior Crystal version. The amount of salt that fills the air from Pokemon fans around the world is overwhelmingly strong.

For Pokken Tournament DX, I do have to admit to being a bit salty over the announcement of this one. I had known about the DLC characters for some time and was wondering when those characters were going to come to the Wii U game. Turns out the answer to that question is "Never" since Nintendo has opted to bring the game over to the Switch with the DLC characters for the DX version. I'm not a competitive fighting game fan by any means but I did enjoy Pokken Tournament on the Wii U. I even picked up two Hori fighting game controllers for Pokken Tournament, which I like a lot. One of theme is even the Pikachu version. On the flip side, more people will get to play Pokken Tournament and now it can be played anywhere. Although I do have to wonder if it will sell better on the Switch than it did the Wii U. A little over a year after the release of the Wii U version and it is still the worst selling Pokemon game.

The main reason Pokemon fans are so furious over this Direct? Not a single game shown is anything new. I can kinda see why they'd be so PO'd about this. Specifically, they want a Pokemon game like the main series on the Switch. The 3DS may not be as powerful as the Switch but the thing still prints money. If you thought Nintendo was gonna drop the system like a brick just because the Switch came out (and is doing crazy good in sales), you're off your rocker. Sure, Nintendo will stop supporting the 3DS eventually but for the time being, the handheld isn't going anywhere, even with the Switch being all the rage.

As for the new Pokemon game fans wanted to see? That would be Pokemon Stars. And what is Pokemon Stars? Why, it's nothing but a rumored game that fans bought in to, got super hyped up for and then got super angry when the game they had no concrete evidence on wasn't shown in the Direct. There are even fans saying Nintendo made a big deal about this game, which they never did. You can thank fellow Pokemon fans and YouTubers for that. See kids, this is why you don't buy into rumors. No matter how enticing it might sound, a rumor, without any solid evidence, is not true.

Look, I can understand the frustration over Crystal getting the shaft and Pokken Tournament DX, but fans have no one to blame but themselves for buying into Pokemon Stars nonsense. Besides, We just got gen 7 of Pokemon back in November. Did fans honestly believe Nintendo was gonna roll out gen 8 this early? People will save themselves so much anguish if they stop being so gullible.

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