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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Favorite Tunes #230: Ultimate Smashing

Originally, I had a different set of songs planned for this week's Favorite Tunes but Super Smash Bros. Ultimate got me hyped, so this is a Smash inspired set of music. Not every track is from Smash, though. I'm hoping some of these picks make it in the game.

While the Smash games are usually dominated by tunes from other games as well as remixes and arrangements, one of the few new pieces of music are the excellent Main Themes. I thought Brawl had the best Main theme of the four Smash games released thus far, but with the coming of Ultimate, well, this Main Theme is giving it some serious competition. Prepare yourself for that choir chiming in at the 2:18 mark. 

Rip Entry - Splatoon 2 (NS)
It was pretty much a given that the Inklings would be making it into Smash. I mean, what, with Splatoon being insanely popular. I'm probably the odd man out on this, but I love Moray Towers and I'm happy to see it being the stage to represent our favorite squid kids. I cannot wait to see the music tracks and juicy Splatoon and Splatoon 2 remixes we'll get. Rip Entry better be one of those songs.

Some critics *coughGameSpotcough* sure were quick to label Sonic Mania the greatest Sonic Game ever after only a few play throughs. It is an outstanding game and I love it, but I wouldn't go that far. With Sonic returning to Smash a third time, I'm hoping we get some Sonic Mania tunes or even a few remixes. Speaking of which, Act 2's Chemical Plant is lit,

To the Melee player, this is the greatest Smash game ever. To everyone else, it is highly overrated and insanely unbalanced, with the majority of the cast not even being tournament viable. I can't say the Melee community hasn't had a negative impact on my perception of the game, but I still cheerish the many hours I sunk into this game and for me, it is still my favorite GameCube title. I'm glad this stage is returning in Ultimate.

Mega Man was my main in 3DS/Wii U Smash so I am very pleased that he is returning for Ultimate. He got a healthy dose remixes in the last Smash game. The same cannot be said for Cloud and Sonic. No doubt most if not all of the Wii U Mega Man Smash arrangements will return for Ultimate and hopeful some new ones as well.

Torkdrift Battle - Super Mario Odyssey (NS)
New Donk City is a stage for Ultimate. We already know Jump Up, Superstar is going to be one of the tunes for said stage. Other music I'm looking forward to hearing while seeing characters into the blast zone are Fossil Falls, Steam Gardens, Honeyloon Ridge (Caves) and one of the coolest fight themes in the whole game, Torkdrift Battle. Make it happy, Sakurai!

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